If you have any questions regarding the items I offer, feel free to contact me by emailing me at:


I am always more than happy to answer any questions, but please understand I receive a multitude of emails daily and am unable to respond to lengthy emails.  I am a 1 Witch Shoppe, so I am incredibly busy with Spellcasting, Custom Orders, Meetings with my Associates, Research, Offerings, Shipping and my personal Family time.  My passion is helping and assisting others through Magick, so I am currently not in a position to provide mentorship. 

I offer many items that bring similar blessings.  If you are unsure what to choose, I suggest purchasing what you feel most drawn to or what calls to you the strongest as that is what will align best with your personal energy and work the best for you. 

Since everyone is different with how open they are and how they respond to Magick, I cannot guarantee your experiences.  Results can be immediate, or take days, weeks or months.  I offer authentic talismans and spells to assist you, however, certain unseen Universal factors as well as your intent and willingness to allow the Magick to work for you will determine your results.