Illuminati Solar Eclipse Aura Spellcast Personal Ritual

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Illuminati Solar Eclipse

Aura Spellcast

Personal Ritual



This is your chance to experience a truly life-altering Spell! Top Leaders from the Illuminati, Skull and Bones and Freemasons will be performing a covert cloak-and-dagger Ceremony at a secret location in the United States, directly in the path of the Solar Eclipse on Monday, August 21st! If you follow my listings, you will know that these Societies have been creating and offering some of the most powerful Magick pieces in existence!

This is an incredible opportunity as this is the first time these 3 Secret Societies have offered a public Spellcasting event! And it may very well be the last and only time they make their services available directly to you! Don’t miss out!

They will be performing an intense Ceremony, imbuing your personal Aura with Exclusive Spell Codes that have been kept hidden for Centuries; transcribed directly from Ancient Occult Texts!!

These Spells will bring you:

*Vast Wealth & Riches/ Gambling Luck

*Business/Career Success

*Immense Protection from all Evil/ Obliterate Obstacles

*Stop all Curses, Bad Luck & Negative influences

*Psychic Enhancement/3rd Eye Opening

*Love; Finding SoulMate or Enhancing Passion in current Relationship

*Magnetic Beauty/Handsomeness, attracting positive people & situations to you

*Telepathic thought transference; know what others are thinking/ get them to see things your way

*Supernatural DNA Healing

*Erase past Mistakes and/or Familial Karmic influences

*Personal Empowerment

Please message me with your full name and date of birth for this ritual. You can purchase for others/loved ones as well, I will also need their names & dates of birth.

Since this is a service they are providing, nothing will be shipped to you.

Do not hesitate in being a part of this RARE Spellcast if you feel called! Spaces are limited!

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