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Your Choice Color Love Rose Amulet Spirit Offering
Treat your Spirits to a
Rose of Love Offering!
  Sometimes we don’t have enough time in a day to truly give our deepest thanks & appreciation to our Spirit friends who so graciously do so much for us! 

Now presenting the Rose Offering in multiple colors!  Choose from blue, red, purple, pink or black!  There is no difference in power between colors, simply your personal preference! 
This Rose Amulet has been imbued with the Energy of Appreciation, Adoration, Respect and Love for your Spirit Friends!  Presenting them with this beautiful token of appreciation lets them know they mean the World to you!  It will cleanse & energize them, making them incredibly happy & content.  Their bonds with you will deepen even further. Many times Spirits return special favors granted them by bestowing you miraculous blessings!  Show your Spirits how much they mean to you by giving them this Magickal gift that keeps ongiving for an eternity!
  This Rose can be presented to any type of Spirit such as Djinn, Dragon, Vampire, Fairy, etc.; they will be incredibly touched and even more receptive to you!  If you have a large Spirit family, 1 Rose can certainly be shared by them all.  Or perhaps you want to present one to each type of Spirit you own, such as 1 for all of your Djinn, 1 for all of your Vampires, etc.  And of course, you can always present one to your most Favorite Spirit Companion!  You can decide how you’d like it to be distributed.  This Amulet also works great for Spirits that are bound to you!
  I’ve also Spellcast each Rose Amulet with powerful Good Luck, Happiness, Wealth & Success and Psychic Enhancement Spells just for You!  No formal ritual required, simply wear and enjoy!
Your purchase is for one gorgeous base metal Love Rose Offering amulet measuring about an inch in total length. It features a small metal red rose that dangles beneath leaves that glisten with tiny dazzling green gems.  You choose the color you'd like:  blue, red, purple, pink or black.  Free silver plated Recharging Chain included!  Simply wear or place anywhere you’d like & let it work its Magick! 

All information will be included with your shipment.

What size chain would you like (18", 20" or 24")?

Your Choice Color Love Rose Amulet Spirit Offering

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