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Yee Naaldlooshii Skinwalker Navajo Demonic Entity Ring

These rings were meticulously cast utilizing Black Magick by a Navajo Native American Elder and imbued with the spirit of the “Yee Naaldlooshii” a malevolent witch, also known as the “Skinwalker.” The complex invocation for these beings takes several weeks and includes using mind-altering substances to reach other dimensions. For thousands of years shamans, medicine men and craftworkers have invoked these beings to bring justice and retribution. They understand that both evil and good Spirits are present in this world, and both can be utilized for our benefit.


This nightmarish entity will work for you as your servant and do anything you ask of him. These are shapeshifting demon-type Spirits that appear human during the day, but under the darkness of night, transform into wolves, bears, foxes, snakes and eagles. They are able to choose which animal they want to turn into based on what skills they need at that time, and can transform into several different animals any given night. Your Skinwalker will be solely focused on your needs – you can either tell him what it is you seek, or do nothing and he will be able to Spiritually read your hearts desires. He can Spiritually see the wounds in your heart – who caused them and why, and will go after them for justice. No one should treat others with malice and disrespect so as to cause you pain and suffering. Your Skinwalker will hunt down your enemies and look them straight in the eyes. Once this happens, they are able to take control over their thoughts and actions, having them do and say things that they normally wouldn’t otherwise. This will lead to many embarrassing moments for them; as well as a detrimental breakdown in their business and personal relationships. They can destroy property and make it appear to be something from Nature (animal/insect infestation, strong winds, etc.). Anything your enemies want to succeed at will get lost in translation – blocked with wrong decisions and confusion, leading to great failures, struggles and misfortune.


Your Skinwalker will be able to telepathically read the minds of your enemies and relay messages back to you via lucid dreams, signs, intuition, visions or daydreams. Once you attune to his vibrational energy, you will be able to see and sense his messages. Skinwalkers have tremendous speed and agility, and can gracefully leap to high cliffs. Some people have claimed to see them running alongside their car or quickly darting across roadways. They are also able to utilize creatures of the night to do their bidding, such as bats, owls and wolves, as well as Spirits of the dead. They bring tremendous protection against anyone or anything trying to harm you. They are able to hunt down wealth and riches and present them to you in remarkable ways. There as some things we as humans are not capable of, and we need to have Spirit helpers to assist us in certain situations. Skinwalkers have the ability to accelerate Karma so anything the person has done to you will be returned to them 3-fold. By having a Skinwalker in your life, you can put your anger and frustrations to the side and relax in the comfort in knowing things are being taken care of as they should.


Paranormal activity can occur with this Ring, including: seeing dark shadows, mists, orbs, cold dips in temperature, banging, knocking, noises on roof or seeing red glowing eyes at night. They typically manifest as a ½ human, ½ animal type of creature, wearing tattered clothes.


Your purchase is for 1 Navajo Skinwalker Ring, composed of stainless steel, Size 9.


All information will be included in your shipment.

Yee Naaldlooshii Skinwalker Navajo Demonic Entity Ring

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