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Witches Harvest Blend Cauldron Brew
Witches Harvest Blend
Samhain-Halloween Spellcast
Magick Cauldron Brew!

My own Special Blend! All natural botanicals scented with pure Essential Oils will fill your home with delightful Halloween scents! I personally Spellcast this blend during the Full Moon to allow the user deeper contact to all Spirits, Guides, Angels, Ghosts and Astral Entities. The Magickal aroma will draw all types of Spirits to you and heighten your communication with them. It will intoxicate your senses, bringing you extra-sensory perceptions during meditations, the ability to astral travel with ease and lucid dreamwork. Use the entire Autumn season, especially on Samhain/Halloween Night for attracting benevolent Spirits and honoring the Ancestors.
You could use this two ways:
*Dry: place in a small dish or bowl
*Wet: simmer in your cauldron or potpourri burner with a little spring water
Do NOT ingest!
Your purchase is for 1 Heaping Cup of this freshly made Spellcast Witches Harvest Blend! I only have a limited supply for the Harvest Season! Get yours today while supplies last!

****If you live outside of the US, please check your Country's shipping restrictions before purchase.  Several Countries, such as Australia, do not allow the importation of herbs.  I am not responsible for packages seized by Customs.

Witches Harvest Blend Cauldron Brew


    S​tarry 1 Night

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