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Welsh Green Forest Dragon Baby of Wealth & Riches Amulet

Welsh Green Forest Dragon Baby of Wealth & Riches

These Baby Dragons were summoned utilizing the Ancient Celtic Magick Invocations of my Ancestors. This intense 7 day ritual utilizes specialized oils, proper herbs, and effective spell codes distinct to these exclusive Baby Dragons. A portal was opened in a secret location deep within a heavily wooded Welsh Forest and these orphans have come forward eagerly to find loving human companions. These specific Dragons cannot be summoned by others. By welcoming this Amulet, you welcome a Baby Green Welsh Forest Dragon that will bless your life with tremendous good luck, wealth, success, prosperity, abundance and treasures! They also protect your assets, valuables, savings and investments so you build real financial stability and lose nothing. They love to seek out and uncover hidden treasures and bring them to your feet! Nothing brings them more gratitude and joy than to see their Keeper blessed from their Magickal Intervention! Their dynamic & cleansing energy alleviates the lower thoughts of worry and concern over money and leads you to the high road of prosperity! These Welsh Green Dragon Babies have an inborn ability to attract wealth to them in all forms. Through the coming days, months and years, they will hoard a massive treasure for you! Mistakes and debts of your past Karmic consequences are dissolved immediately as they assist you in rebuilding a more positive financial future for yourself and generations. Negative thought patterns towards money are healed as you more openly embrace your much deserved wealth & riches. These Baby Dragons have soft & smooth dark green scales with a light-green underbelly. They appear as miniature Western looking Dragons with 2 bat-like wings and 4 clawed feet and range from about 12 – 24 inches in size. They do not grow and will always remain babies. Look closely at the Baby Dragon face manifesting in the photos! Paranormal activity may present itself in the form of: orbs, mists, sparkling lights, hearing a soft purr or breathing noise, spectral manifestations or strongly feeling his or her presence with you. They will never scare you or those you live with and are perfectly safe to bring into a family environment.

Your purchase is for 1 Welsh Green Wealth Dragon Baby housed in a pale green amethyst gem with a peridot gem, set in .925 Sterling Silver. Males & Females available. Free silver-plated Recharging Chain included. Wear your Baby Dragon close to your heart for maximum bonding. These are un-named Babies, so think of a very Special name for your Baby Dragon.

All pertinent information will be included in your package. 

Welsh Green Forest Dragon Baby of Wealth & Riches Amulet

$159.99 Regular Price
$49.99Sale Price

    S​tarry 1 Night

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