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VooDoo Defensive Magick, Protection and/or Demon Banishment
This service is brought to you on behalf of my friend and Associate, P. Jean, a Haitian Vodou Huongan Asogwe (High Priest) who resides in Louisiana.  P. Jean was born into a Vodou family and surrounded by this type of magick his entire life.  Within his teachings, there is a form of Defensive Magick practiced to protect himself or others from harm. 

This is Black/Dark Magick, not intended to intentionally harm anyone, but will serve justice for those wronged.  Anyone who sends you dark spells, hexes, curses or demons will have them banished.  He will remove any demons within your home and/or body and purify your home and body of all of these lower energies.  He will set up an impenetrable defensive protective shield to keep hexes and malevolent spirits away from you. 

P. Jean believes at times there is a need to “fight fire with fire” and sometimes dark magick is the only cure to destroying other’s dark magick sent to you. Do not suffer regarding your situation any longer –purchase now and be on the road to recovery!
He will summon Loa Baron Samedi to fulfill your requests.  The Baron has a legion of spirits under hiscontrol. 
  This service includes:
  Defensive Magick
Protection against others Dark Arts Spells towards you
Justice for those Wronged/Retribution so they stop
Demonic Banishment
Purification/Cleansing of you & your home

  Please send me your full name and date of birth with your purchase.  P. Jean will need to gather his supplies for this Ritual, so he will choose the soonest date and time he is available.  This process is done at night and takes several hours.  There is nothing special you need to do.  He will hold a VooDoo Ceremony to bring the Baron into our realm, present him with proper offerings and request his assistance. 

Before your purchase, please let me know what effects you are currently facing in your life that you feel warrents this Ritual.  I will relay this information to P. Jean and if he feels your situation does not warrant this service, we will let you know.  Please respect his decision. We are not here to waste anyone's time. If you are having a bad day or have a few bad things happen to you, it does not mean you are plagued with Demons or Curses.   You must be at least 21 years old of sound mental mind/state to purchase this Ritual.   

Since this is a service that is being performed for you, there is nothing that will be shipped.
Please provide info.:

VooDoo Defensive Magick, Protection and/or Demon Banishment

$666.66 Regular Price
$226.66Sale Price

    S​tarry 1 Night

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