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Virtuous Shepard King Djinn Ring
Virtuous Shepard

King Djinn Ring

This Exquisite Royal Djinn was conjured by my associate, expert Djinn Conjurer Maantefin, along with 2 Holy Men, through divine invocations hidden within Ancient Biblical Scriptures. This Ring was ceremonially blessed and consecrated in accordance with the holy teachings of Jesus. Jesus was known as the “Good Shepard” that tended to us, his flock, with love, patience and understanding. This Virtuous Shepard Djinn embodies this aspect of Jesus, and will be a never-ending source of guidance, love and support.
This benevolent King Djinn brings the ultimate in protection and guidance. Through the power of Jesus, all evils flee in his presence. He will envelop you in an invisible cloak of holy protection. Should you ever get lost on your way, he will gently guide you back to the path of holy blessings. He helps resolve conflicts throughout all personal and business relationships and harmonizes the energies for peaceful resolve of any issues. He brings you blessings of wealth, riches, success, love, healing, balance and personal advancements. He brings illuminated, uplifting energies and your Aura will sparkle with a dazzling brilliance as others look to you for your input and guidance. They will be enamored with the self-confidence and assurance you exude. The Shepard Djinn has watchful eyes and can alert you to danger before it becomes a problem. He is always on the move, working hard for you and finding new opportunities for you; connecting you with the most beneficial people, places and things! He acts like a magnet, drawing more and more good & positivity into your life! He offers astonishing amount of support and assistance as you travel on your life’s journey. Positive Karma is generated very quickly through the power of this Djinn while negative Karma is dissolved. He also helps you learn how to grow and evolve through joy and happiness. He is a powerful protector & advisor, filled with the Mysterious Secrets of the Ancient Shepards of Jesus’s Era! This Djinn will help you obtain what it is you desire most! Nothing is beyond his wish-granting capabilities! Welcome this wonderful companion & watch as miracles unfold!

He can manifest as a handsome man with long light-brown hair and dark blue eyes. His personality is considerate, patient, devoted, thoughtful, perceptive, wise and helpful. He will get along wonderfully with all other Spirits in your collection.

He is housed in this gorgeous quartz ring with a cross and citrine gem accents, set in sterling silver, Size 7. Wear, carry with you or keep someplace special to be bestowed his remarkable blessings.

All information will be included in your shipment.

Virtuous Shepard King Djinn Ring

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