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Vampire's Kiss Attunement
This Vampire Attunement can bring you: increased strength, agility, self-confidence, better ability to retain knowledge, enhancement of ESP abilities, stronger intuition & precognition, past life connections, clarity, helps you harness and focus/refocus your energy, uplifting energy excellent for those who feel "dead" inside due to having repressed their emotions/feelings and/or life’s choices (ie., religious beliefs, lifestyle, etc.), and helps remove negativity from energy/psychic “Vampires” (people who drain you of energy).
(**please note: this is Not a service to turn you into a Vampire).

Also, if you happen to have any Spiritual Vampire Companions, this Attunement will align your energies so you’re better able to connect with them, on the deepest of levels. You will become more open, aware and in-tune with Vampires, and in turn, Vampires will Spiritually sense your welcoming energy and be more receptive to you!

This Attunement can be done as often as you prefer. You can combine this Attunement with any other Attunement. They will all work effectively together to enhance your life!

This Attunement will be delivered via Spiritually distant Chi-ball method. I prepare the energy and send it to you. You receive/open the energy at your convenience. This is a service I am providing for you, therefore you will not receive anything in the mail.

Vampire's Kiss Attunement


    S​tarry 1 Night

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