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Unbaptism Ritual Break Spiritual Bonds Service
Offered by High Priestess Nyx, the Unbaptism Ritual will Spiritually remove and renounce any and all religious ties imposed upon you as a child. Our parents and caregivers have our best interests at heart and several Religious doctrines teach them to baptize or indoctrinate their babies and children into their beliefs. This can cause issues for the adult who never consented to or wanted to have these dogmas attached to them. It is even moreso needed for those who have grown away from the Church or their religious upbringing and want a “clean slate” in which they found their own beliefs and Spirituality. Religious beliefs can be extremely limiting and debilitating in how we grow, connect with our true selves and expand our conscious awareness. Often times people are unable to connect with Spirits due to their religious upbringing in that anything Occult was “bad.” This can affect you not only on a conscious level, but subconsciously as well and be a major blockage to communicating effectively with Spirits. Remember, you are a Spiritual being having a Human experience. You were created from Magick and the Supernatural! If you are ready to break the chains of any Religious Spiritual contracts that have been holding you back, then this service is for you.
In this Ritual, Nyx will clear all religious affiliations that are currently attached to you. Any obstacles this was causing for you will be obliterated. Your Soul will have a deep Spiritual cleansing and healing and will be restored to a clean slate. I will need your name, date of birth and which Religion you are renouncing.
Since this is a service being provided to you, nothing is shipped in the mail.  Depending on her schedule, please allow 5-10 business days for the service to be completed.

Name, date of birth & religion:

Unbaptism Ritual Break Spiritual Bonds Service

$499.99 Regular Price
$79.99Sale Price

    S​tarry 1 Night

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