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Ultimate Protection Rainbow Crystal Witch Ball
Witch Balls are mentioned in 18th Century England, but their influences are thought to be much older and influenced by Ancient Pagans. They enchanted baubles to hang within their homes and villages to protect them from Evil Spirits, Hexes and Misfortunes. Utilizing the Ancient Celtic teachings of my Ancestors, I’m honored to offer you this beautiful Rainbow Crystal Witch Ball! It is enchanted to tantalize Evil Spirits and dissolve negative/malevolent energies. Anything harmful is drawn to its beautiful rainbow prisms and then instantly gets absorbed! Keep your home and business peaceful and tranquil with the effects of this beautiful crystal!
This Crystal Orb was charged and blessed during 3 powerful Super Full Moons and brings you blessings and insight into Ancient Mysteries, health, the home, children, prophetic dreams, reincarnation, sleep, chakral alignment, aura cleansing and emotional healing. It will awaken insights into your Akashic Records and lead you to the best path of blessings.
Hang this Power Orb anywhere in your home, office, car or anywhere to banish any malevolent Spirits, hexes, curses, negative energy, etc. All will be pulled into the vortex of the Crystal and gone forever.
You can also use it to re-energize your Sacred Space! Energy flows through our home, office, etc., and it can become slowed or stuck on occasion. When it does, it can have many adverse effects: your mood becomes depressive and unmotivated, you can become confused and unable to make decisions, you have nightmares, you eel drained and/or sick, you start to notice a string of bad luck & misfortune, freak accidents occur, you lose your job or income, just to name a few. The cure is to place one of these Sacred Spheres in your Space. You will feel new Energy & Vitality, Peace, Self-Confidence & deeper connection to Spirit, opportunities begin pouring into your Life, you will attract Good Luck, Wealth & Prosperity, just to name a few! This is one Talisman you should not be without!
This Crystal was chosen for its inherent beauty and Magickal qualities! Faceted crystals take in light and send it out in all directions. Where there's light there's Energy. Look closely at this crystal and you will see it has several tiny pyramids, representing “As Above, So Below.” Hang this Rainbow Crystal in a sunny window and you will get sparkling rainbow lights on the floors, walls and ceiling!  It wiill fill your room with transformative Energy! And because of the prismatic quality of this crystal, the Energy is separated into manageable parts. When new opportunities arrive, they will be easy to incorporate into your life!
Your purchase is for 1 Rainbow Crystal Witch Ball charged during the Full Moon, with cord for hanging.  It measures just over an inch across.  There are many ways to utilize it; hang anywhere in your home, office, bedroom, car, etc. (you could attach it to a ceiling fan pull chain). These make thoughtful gifts too!
All information will be included in your shipment.

Ultimate Protection Rainbow Crystal Witch Ball


    S​tarry 1 Night

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