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Twin Baby Autumn Dragons Ring
Twin Babies
Autumn Dragons

Utilizing the Sacred Dragon Invocations of my Ancestors, a unique Dragon Portal was opened during September’s Full Moon. Several orphaned baby Twin Dragons came through seeking happy homes with kind and loving human companions.

These sweet twin baby Dragons are the Dragons of Autumn and relish this time of year! They love to play in the falling leaves and practice flying through the pumpkin patch! They are pure love, joy and playfulness and will bring much happiness into your life! Their care is easy as they basically care for themselves, but feel free to spoil them as much as you’d like! They are natural good luck bringers and wealth generators. They are keenly intuitive and can help warn you when danger is ahead either through signs or visions. They can help soothe anxieties and help you in overcoming fears. They are playful and uplifting, helping to bring more laughter and joy into your life. They dissolve negative energies, especially from other people that cause you problems. They can help you find love and bring you your soulmate. They open doors to new opportunities for you. They are excellent at easing the stress or fear of starting something new, and gently lead you along the most beneficial path. Although they are active all year long, they are most active on Samhain/Halloween night. They love to have fun and although they get along with all Spirits, some of their favorites are Fairies and Elves.

They manifest in spectral form as tiny baby Western-looking Dragons, no bigger than the size of your palm. They will always be babies. One has orange soft, shimmering scales and the other has soft yellow scales. They often make soft purring or cooing noises as signs of contentment.

Your purchase is for 1 beautiful Ring housing 2 Twin Baby Autumn Dragons. The ring features an orange cz stone and a yellow cz stone, with a row of tiny white cz stones along part of the band. The metal is stainless steel. Choose your size from the drop-down menu. These babies have already hatched but enjoy the comfort of the “egg” shape of these stones. You can choose your genders, or let us surprise you. They are unnamed babies, so think of some special names for them!

All information will be included in your shipment.

Gender preferences or surprise you?

Twin Baby Autumn Dragons Ring

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