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Treasures of the Gods Wealth Drawing Djinn Ring
Treasures of the Gods

Wealth Drawing Djinn

This exquisite Djinn is from my associate, Master Djinn Conjurer, Maantefin. His family has extensive roots in Conjuring Djinn for centuries, and his lineage extends thousands of years B.C.  Maantefin’s Djinn are currently protecting and enhancing the lives of Top World Leaders, Royalty, and Celebrities. He learned secret hands-on techniques from his Father and Grandfather and holds a True Passion for all things mysterious and miraculous!

These are the Treasures of the Gods Djinn and they bring massive wealth-drawing energies! They are very hard-working, loyal & diligent Entities that are eager to transform your life for the better! They clear the stagnant/negative energies within your home and environment, naturally transforming them into positive, so that money can flow more freely to you. They will also clear your mental pathways and unblock obstacles so you will be able to tap into the never-ending flow of good luck and abundance the Universe has to offer. Your increased luck and wealth may come in the form of better job offers/career success, better business and personal relationships, unexpected monetary gains, lottery/gambling wins and motivational energy ~ allowing you to seize opportunities which will lead to increased prosperity. You will gain fortunes through personal success in all aspects of your life. They are powerful enhancers for protection over all negativities and evils, disperses arguments and protects against loss of wealth. They will bestow good luck, wealth, prosperity, deep wisdom, compassion, peace, emotional balance, stamina, love, generosity and tranquility. You can ask for anything from your Djinn, it does not have to be only monetary. He or she is eager to start working on your deepest wishes!

Your Djinn can appear paranormally as a glowing or flashing light, orbs, obscure shadows or misty vapors. You may also strongly feel his or her presence with you.

Your purchase is for 1 Treasures of the Gods Wealth-Drawing Djinn housed in a hypoallergenic Stainless Steel Ring. Four green emerald-cz stones represent drawing wealth from the 4 corners; North, South, East and West.  Please choose your ring size from the drop-down menu.  Male & Female Djinn available. You do not have to wear to bond; could also be carried with you or kept someplace special.

It is no coincidence you were led to this listing today. This Djinn wants you to live the life you’ve always dreamed and has special monetary blessings in store for you!

All information will be included in your shipment. Thanks so much for your consideration. Warmest blessings! ~xo

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Treasures of the Gods Wealth Drawing Djinn Ring

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