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"Tigani Avere" Gypsy Fast Money & Wealth Drawing Spellcast Coin
“Tigani Avere”

The Gypsies
of Fortune

Before Luminita passed, she Spellcast these Magick Coins with hundreds of Secret Romanian Gypsy Spells for Wealth Blessings. The “Tigani Avere” (pronounced “Tzi-gah-nee” “Ah-ver-eh” ). Spells were forumlated from Luminita’s Romanian Gypsy Ancestors and they were humbled to be blessed with such a Power that could alter one’s fate/future course of events. It has been secretly utilized for Centuries to help bring wealth to all classes of people & bless their lives in profound ways. Many of her family and friends were gifted these Coins and lived much better, happier lives because of it! Many went on to become successful professionals with outrageously high paying careers, others won huge jackpot lotteries and still others were blessed with the abundance that made them personally satisfied & fulfilled. Word quickly spread through the Gypsy Occult Underground and many Celebrities, Nobles, Leaders and other people in power specially requested these Coins for their collection.

It has the power to quickly bring you Money Windfalls, Unexpected gifts of Cash, Finding hidden money & treasures, Gambling Luck, Finding your perfect Career, Raises & Promotions, Business Success, Increased Clients, Positive discussions about you and it places you on the right path, in the best place and time for positive outcomes.

Not only can it bring you incalculable Wealth, but it can manifest ANY desires you have ~ even non-financial! Whatever will make YOU happy, fulfilled and content, it can bring it into fruition!

Your purchase is for 1 Tigani Avere Wealth Coin, composed of unknown metal and features a Magickal crescent moon & star on the front and the lucky number “25” on the back. Black leather Recharging cord is included.  You do not have to wear to benefit, you can carry with you or keep in a special place. This Magick Coin is a must-have you will cherish! Hundreds of years of Occult Gypsy Spells packed into one compelling, results-producing talisman! 

All information will be included in your shipment.

"Tigani Avere" Gypsy Fast Money & Wealth Drawing Spellcast Coin

$277.77 Regular Price
$77.77Sale Price

    S​tarry 1 Night

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