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The Prophecy of Opis Wealth Generating Coin
The Prophecy
of Opis

Wealth Generating

This incredible Magick Coin is from the private collection of my associate, Lord Sinclair. It holds rare and unearthly Magick unexplainable by the greatest Sorcerers of today and cannot be duplicated. This Authentic Constantine the Great Coin relic was imbued by Roman Occultists in the year 330AD and passed through the hands of Roman Leaders and Knights Templar. For the past few decades it has been kept strictly within secret circles, bringing vast wealth to Presidents, Nobility and those in underground Occult Millionaire Clubs.

Opis (Ops, meaning plenty) was the Roman goddess of fertile lands and a cornucopia of prosperity, riches and abundance. The Prophecy of Opis ensures massive wealth blessings to the next keeper to this Coin. Are you the blessed one chosen to fulfill the Prophecy?!

The Magick contained within this Coin brings not only wealth, but extravagant wealth; in excess, so much so that you couldn’t spend it all in several lifetimes. This wealth can come in the forms of raises or a better paying job, lottery/gambling wins, finding lost treasures and unexpected gifts. Exceedingly helpful for entrepreneurs who are just starting their business, or the self-employed who wish to have an influx of clients. You will ignite the Mastery of your Craft as countless new ideas and the best advantages will be yours alone! It eliminates competition and stops jealousy/the evil eye’s influences. New opportunities and positive people and situations will miraculously present themselves to you. The Coin removes all obstacles to obtaining achievement. Success will be found with positive new relationships in both business and personal arenas. It places you in the etheric vibrational energy source of abundance so money effortlessly flows to you from everywhere. It will help you make the wisest investments and builds real financial security. You will be living a billionaire lifestyle!

This Coin unexplainably emits a strong pulsating and/or tingling sensation when holding, as well as a very cold sensation.

No formal ritual required. Once it is in your possession, it will automatically align with your Aura and start bringing you its blessings.

All information will be included in your shipment.

The Prophecy of Opis Wealth Generating Coin

$4,999.00 Regular Price
$1,799.00Sale Price

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