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The Asp of Retribution God Apophis Egyptian Black Magick Ring

The Asp of Retribution God Apophis Defensive Egyptian Black Magick


This Ring was imbued by my Occult Associate, Maantefin, in Cairo, Egypt, utilizing Secret Invocations from the Book of the Dead, and sanctified in a hidden chamber in the Great Pyramid of Giza. Using Dark Egyptian Magick, this Ring Evokes the Asp of Apophis, the Giant Serpent Snake Cobra God of Chaos & Darkness, also known as Apep. The Spells imbued to this ring Summon the Asp of Retribution under God Apophis and the thousands of demons that serve him. These Chaos Spells will seek out and bring retribution to your enemies. Simply whisper the name of your target into the Ring and the rest will automatically unfold. Perfect in situations where someone has deceptively wronged you, for example through a job or business deal; through a relationship or friendship, or some other situation where someone has impeded you from succeeding, lied to you, or taken advantage of you and used you. We need good people like you in the World, but we also realize there are rats out there that don’t care who they manipulate or harm in order to get their egotistical needs met. They may have even intentionally vowed to destroy you. This damages the kind & loving Souls who opened their hearts so trustingly to the wrong people; only to find out later you were duped, abused or exploited. Apophis takes great offense to this. This Ring speeds the Laws of Karma & Justice so whoever wronged you will get what they rightfully deserve.


As the Asp Spells seek out revenge and wrap around your enemy, he or she will start to lose ambition, hope and the will to continue their efforts in harming you. They will have a harder time making decisions and their thoughts will be cloudy. This will disrupt and stop any kind of Black Magick or harm they may be using against you. They won’t even understand the reasoning behind their actions. All Black Magick or Curses others send you will be dissolved. Your enemy will start having problems in their relationships (business, friendships, family and romantic), and their partner will look at them with repulsion. Their income will take a hit and their money will be depleted. These Spells can destroy all aspects of their life. This may be short-term or long-term, depending on the choices they make. If they continue to be awful people, they will continue to have problems. The Asp of Retribution acts quickly, so if you feel it’s only a matter of time before someone damages your life to extremes, this is your opportunity to strike first.


Your purchase is for 1 Asp of Retribution Apophis Ring composed of stainless steel featuring an Asp wrapped around a fanged Skull. Please choose your ring size from the drop-down menu. Does not have to be worn to work, you could also carry with you or keep someplace in your home. No formal ritual required.


All information will be included in your shipment.

The Asp of Retribution God Apophis Egyptian Black Magick Ring

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