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Temple of Set Black Flame of Advancement Ring
Dark Egyptian

Temple of Set

Black Flame

of Advancement

Esoteric Satanism

This remarkable Occult Ring was imbued during a clandestine ritual by The Council of 9 Black Magick Egyptian Sorcerers, under the cover of night, on sacred Egyptian grounds. They performed their rituals under the supervision of my associates, Lord Sinclair and Maantefin. Executive authority is held by the Council of 9, which appoint 6 degrees of initiates: Setian 1, Adept II, Priest/Priestess of Set III, Magister/Magistra Templi IV, Magus/Maga V, and Ipsissimus/Ipissima VI. Once you welcome this Ring, you become a Setian 1 and will move up the ranks as deemed by the Council of 9. Affirmations will come to you intuitively through signs and visions as grand coincidences with no other explanations.

Utilizing Secret Invocations from the Book of the Dead, they summoned Chaos God Set’s (Seth) power and influence into this ring so you can benefit from his knowledge and power. According to Ancient Egyptian Texts, if one does not know the secret formulas for appropriately pronouncing and reciting the power codes in the Book of the Dead, the gates to the Otherworld will not open. The Council of 9 Egyptian Sorcerers have unlocked these secret codes and opened the Gates to your personal advancement.

This Ring contains Black Magick Spells encompassing the Temple of Set (the original name of Satan). Unlike the Abrahamic God, Set wants to give humans the knowledge and power of the Gods. Set stands separate from the natural forces of the universe and can override any and all paths of fate. This in turn will allow you to take a new, more prosperous and beneficial path in life so that you can gain the success, notoriety and riches you were born to obtain. Sometimes the choices we have made so far in life have not lead us to our desired outcomes. This is no fault of your own. Humans can easily get “off track” for many different reasons; emotions, distractions, no opportunities, etc., many things can lead one down a dark, unhappy and destitute path. The powers of the Temple of Set Ring offers you the opportunity to raise your consciousness and spark that which is inside you that makes you unique. Once your natural gifts start expanding and benefiting the world, so too will you become stronger in all facets of your being. Through working the left-handed path, you will achieve an essence above all others. The Temple of Set Spells will employ all black magick assistance, helping you heal yourself and others, help you bring success and riches, helping you find a prosperous and fulfilling career and help you reach all of your goals. You will be able to destroy enemies and competition as you rise up the ranks of victory and triumph. Others will be under your spell and you’ll be able to influence their decisions and motivations. Anyone trying to harm you or send you their own Black Magick will be destroyed. This is some of the most powerful Black Magick available and can combat any type of curse/hex. You will have full control over all aspects of your life.

With wielding this extreme power, it is important that one put a system of ethics into place before utilizing, so as not to get out of control. Do not welcome this piece if you are immature, unstable or emotionally weak-minded. Using this Ring for impulsive or trivial desires is prohibited.

Once in your life, these powers will automatically start to alter your DNA and transform it into that of the Gods. As such, you become stronger in body and mind, responsible, incorruptible, righteous, and resilient. This Ring is not for those who are docile and wait for things to happen to them. It is for the go-getters; to think, do, create, inspire and learn as much as possible, making your mark on the world and in turn, you will become enlightened and illuminated. It will spark your inner Black Flame; which is your God-like core; a kindred Spirit to Set, and is the knowledge that was given to humanity by Set/Satan. It seeks to develop and transform your human experience into a profoundly Spiritual existence.

It does not matter your religious beliefs and you do not have to practice any rituals or Satanism. This Ring will automatically align with your Aura and begin working for you.

This ring features Alchemical Egyptian Occult Sigils, including the mystical Eye of Horus and Ankhs, set in stainless steel. Choose your size from the drop-down menu. You do not have to wear to benefit, as simply owning brings you its favors.

All information will be included in your shipment.

Temple of Set Black Flame of Advancement Ring

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