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Tahitian Magick Money Tree Voodoo Wealth Bringer
Magick Money Tree
Voodoo Wealth Bringer
This Magick Tree was Spell Cast by a Tahitian Voodoo High Priestess with 77 Wealth Drawing, Riches & Luxury Spells of the Money Tree! This money bringing tree increases your chances of winning games of chance, lotteries, gambling, bingo, scratch off tickets, ball drawing, slots, roulette, cards or any game of chance by 77 fold! You will set yourself on the path to winning the grand prize jackpot! It draws a financial windfall of wealth from all corners of the Universe ~ bringing it directly to you. Quick cash and fast money are within your grasp! You will gain success in all areas, find the career or job of your dreams, make tons of money and live the lavish lifestyle you’ve always wanted. The Magick Money Tree Spells focus on all of the abundance and prosperity the Universe offers – when a dollar is Spiritually plucked from the tree, another grows in its place! It is your secret, never-ending supply of massive wealth & riches! Become the millionaire or billionaire you’ve always wanted to be! Your very own Money Tree is waiting to bear fruit and drop riches upon you!

Once you welcome this Money Tree, you could experience the following:

Your Savings will increase and money will flow in to you from many sources!

New Opportunities will Arise; such as a new job, a raise in your current job, etc.

Doors you once thought were closed will spring wide open!

Ideas for Making Money will come to you with ease!

Make a lot more money with less worry and less effort!

Have you ever dreamed of having your Own Money Tree which could bring you the riches and luxuries you deserve? Would you like to have Real Financial Security and Extra Money available at all times for anything you desire? Welcome this Tree and watch as your finances skyrocket!  You might even notice blessings shortly after reading this listing!

This Tree features green wire “bark” with Green Aventurine gems set on a wooden trunk base with crushed gems. It measures about 8”-9” tall with a base that’s about 2.5” – 3” across. Find a special place in your home or business for this money multiplier! You can also incorporate into your Wealth Rituals, place on a Wealth Grid or place your Wealth talismans on it to usher in even more prosperity! There is no wrong way to use it!

Green Aventurine is a Universal “Luck Stone.” It gives the owner inner equilibrium and it stimulates dreaming. It is said to have a positive effect on the psyche, strengthening an individual’s sense of self, being the ideal stone for those who are looking for a positive view of life. This stone relieves anxiety and calm one's emotions. It brings new opportunities and gives good luck in gambling. It is said to have the ability to enhance the sense of humor and cheerfulness of its possessor. While it makes a powerful good luck piece to draw opportunities your way, it may also draw unexpected adventures and good luck in love!

All information will be included in your shipment.

Tahitian Magick Money Tree Voodoo Wealth Bringer


    S​tarry 1 Night

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