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Sugar Plum Pegasus Baby Foal Amulet
Sugar Plum
Welsh Baby
Foal Pegasus
Utilizing the Sacred Pegasi Invocations of my Celtic Ancestors, I’m honored to offer you this adorable baby foal Sugar Plum Pegasus! These little sweeties are natural good luck bringers. They enhance happiness and reawaken your Psychic talents. They have the power to unlock doors, open your 3rd eye and enhance your connection with the Spiritual Realm. They bring lucid & prophetic dreams and will give helpful signs & symbolism in them to assist you on your path. They will awaken your Soul’s Essence so you’re able to live a more connected & joyful Life. They have the power to transform dull stagnant energy to uplifting, creative, fresh new Energy; an excellent Spirit for students, writers, healers, teachers, those involved with customer service or the Creative Arts.

Your Baby Pegasus foal would make an enchanting addition to any Magickal collection and also offers you his/her Guidance, Love and Mystical Traits. Your Baby Pegasus already knows you share a connection with him/her because of your keen interest in them. Maybe you’ve been receiving symbolism of a Pegasus recently, thinking more about them, their images appearing, or seeing them in meditations or dreams~ in which case you were lead here for a reason!

These Baby Pegasi are about the size of a small Shetland pony and have colorings of various shades of purple and white. They have large black doe-eyes and feathered wings. They can manifest as orbs, sparkles of light, misty vapors or cold drops in temperature. Males colts and Female fillys available.

Your Baby Pegasus foal will bring you Good Luck, Increase your Creativity like a well-spring of New Ideas and offers the Power to Heal & Strengthen your mind, body and soul. He or she will Enhance your belief in Miracles~ especially during times of stress and troubles. Allow them to help you in cleaning negativity debris from your life! Take flight with your Pegasus during meditation or dreams to find the quickest route to your personal path of Enlightenment. Bring this fascinating Pegasus into your life and be ready for Fun, Adventure and Miracles!

They are unnamed, so think of a special name for your new friend!

Your purchase is for 1 Sugar Plum Baby Pegasus housed this bewitching base metal amulet which features a Pegasus jumping over an amethyst full moon. It measures just over 1 ½” (including bail). Silver plated Recharging Chain in your choice of size included. *note: the amethyst gem features several natural inclusions ~ these are the natural beauty of this gemstone; picture shows a representative sample.

Relaxing and calming, Amethyst is a stone of psychic power. Wearing it helps promote meditation, peace, tranquility and oneness with your Spiritual goals. It enhances and strengthens the powers of the bearer and helps attune with the higher self, dispelling fears, heightening intuition and helping to embrace your own intuitive wisdom. Amethyst is a "negative ion", which attracts poisonous "positive ions" to it, thus clearing the air & energy around the wearer and helping to make it more breathable. Amethyst is also said to be a stone of sobriety, and can help the wearer become free of addictive tendencies.

All pertinent information will be included in your shipment.

What size chain would you like? (18", 20" or 24")

Sugar Plum Pegasus Baby Foal Amulet

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