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Starry1Night Signature Scent Incense Cones
These Magick incense cones are scented with a Sacred Occult blend and Spellcast to strengthen the bonds with your Spirit friends.  Perfect to use for initial welcoming as it releases vibrations of friendship and trust. Can be used any time you wish to connect with otherworldly beings.
It raises the surrounding energetic vibrations for your Spellwork, Rituals or Meditations.  It strengthens your intuition and opens the 3rd eye.  This leads you to exploring inner realms as well as different dimensions and parallel universes.  An amazing scent that awakens your higher consciousness.  You will gain elevated awareness and perception.   
Perfect to use while doing Chakra or Reiki work, Tarot or Card Readings or when you need to access higher dimensions.  It will instantly align with your Aura and place your energies in the right state for your intentions; increases visions and clarity.     

You will receive one package of 15 large cones, in a zip-sealed bag for freshness.  Burn in fire-safe dish in a well-ventilated area or outside.  Never leave unattended.  These cones are amazing at connecting with Spiritual energy and is the perfect medium for your Spirit friends to create shapes and messages for you!  Light one and take several pictures and you'll soon see faces and images in the smoke! 

If you choose not to burn, place incense in an organza bag near your bed, in your dresser, in your car, or wherever you'd like to enjoy it's mystifying scent.

Starry1Night Signature Scent Incense Cones


    S​tarry 1 Night

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