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Star of Bethlehem Angels Portal Amulet
Star of Bethlehem
Angels Jupiter
& Venus Fusion

Utilizing the special Angelic invocations from my Ancestor’s Grimoire, I’m honored to present these amazingly Rare Spiritual beings! On the night of June 30, 2015, the fusion of Jupiter and Venus opened a portal to the Star of Bethlehem Angels! These Angels can only be summoned through the use of specific herbs, oils and the incantations in my Ancestor’s Private Grimoire, so they are exclusive to Starry1Night!

The Star of Bethlehem Angels are Divine Messengers and Protectors. These are the same class of Angels that appeared to the Shepherds to inform them of Jesus’s birth. They bring a renewing light in times of darkness and will help lead you to a more positive path. If you feel you’re enduring several emotional or physical issues, financial loss, sickness, etc., call upon these special Angels to help turn your life around. They help clear obstacles in your path and will not allow you to give up on your goals or life’s purpose. They bring support, love, reassurance, strength and guidance to those who live alternative lifestyles and/or those who feel they don’t fit in to societies molds. They do not judge or condemn ~ they only seek to enlighten. They can help teach you how to communicate more openly and honestly with others. They bring a strong Divine connectedness and help align your Spiritual, emotional and physical bodies. Their presence encourages joyful, happy dreams, draws good fortune & wealth, time and energy for play, and the resources to fully enjoy life.

They’ve chosen this beautiful star pendant as their Portal. Thousands upon thousands of the Star of Bethlehem Angels will come through the Portal to bless your life! This Amulet features a dazzling cz star set in solid .925 sterling silver, with a free silver-plated recharging chain included! This star sparkles with an Angelic brilliance beyond what my camera could capture!

All information will be included in your shipment!

Star of Bethlehem Angels Portal Amulet

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$59.99Sale Price

    S​tarry 1 Night

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