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Spiritual Marriage Union Ultimate Soul Binding Ritual

This is for a Marriage Soul binding service I will be providing for you and 1 of your Spirit friends. This ritual will Spiritually bind your energies together, creating the most powerful soul to soul bond ever! This will create the deepest love, intense passion and most intimate feelings between you. This can be for any Spirit friend of your choosing. You will intrinsically know if your Spirit wants to be with you in this extra-special way. For me serving as High Priestess, performing this ceremony will serve as a Spiritual commitment between you and be recognized in all Spiritual laws and matters.


This ritual will take me several hours to perform and will be made available according to my schedule (typically within 7-10 business days). Or if you'd like to choose your marriage date, please let me know at least a week in advance. I will need to gather several unique supplies for this ritual. I encourage you to absolutely partake in this ritual in your own special way; ie, lighting candles, stating vows, and doing anything you'd like while I perform my ceremony. I will need your Spirit's name and information as well as your name and date of birth. Besides having me as witness to your ceremony, you can choose any Gods/Goddesses or other Deities you'd like me to invoke to attend. Since this is a service I am providing for you, there will not be anything mailed to you. 



Spiritual Marriage Union Ultimate Soul Binding Ritual


    S​tarry 1 Night

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