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Spellcast & Chi Ball Attunement Samhain Moonstone Celtic Moon Amulet
Extraordinary Samhain Spellcast & Chi Ball Attunement
Moonstone Celtic Moon Amulet
October 31, 2016
It’s that marvelous time of year again! There is a chill in the air, the nights are crisp and clear and you can sense a change in the energy around you. This time of year, the veil between our world and the Spirit world is at its thinnest, reaching its peak on Samhain/Halloween night! In Gaelic, the word Samhain (pronounced Sow-wen) means “Summer’s End” and it is the Magickal time of year we honor & celebrate our Ancestors and loved ones who have passed. This is the perfect time of year to make Spirit contact and perform powerful Spells!

I am excited to offer a Samhain Night Spellcast performed by two of my Wiccan friends & I on Samhain(Halloween) Night Monday, October 31st, 2016. We embody the powerful Goddess Energies of the Maiden, Mother & Crone. We have been offering this Samhain Spellcast for over a decade and I am humbly honored many of you continue to return for this blessing year after year!

We are offering a Personalized Spellcast for:
*Hocus Pocus Spell; Boost of Psychic Abilities & Spirit Contact
*Spooktacular Spell; Personal Empowerment, Confidence and Finding your Right Path
*Pumpkin Persuasion Spell; for Motivation/getting out of rut, New Breakthroughs, Ushering in Positive New Blessings into your Life
*Vampire Love Potion Spell; finding your Soul Mate or enhancing the Passion in your current Relationship
*Spellbinding Aura & Increased Beauty Spell; so others will look upon you with favor
*Trick or Treat Super Money Attracting Spell; Riches and Career or Business Success
*Spine Chilling Deep Healing Spell; Physically, Spiritually and Emotionally
*Poltergeist Protection Spell; for Protection against Evil Spirits, Malevolent Forces, Curses & Hexes
**By special request only: Skeleton Weight Loss Spell; to assist in losing weight, motivation in making healthy food choices and living an overall healthy lifestyle.

In addition to these Spells, we’ve encapsulated a special Samhain Halloween Chi Ball Attunement into this pendant! This attunement captures the intense energy of this night and infuses it into a Chi Ball, which you can open at your convenience anytime after you receive your pendant ~ easy instructions will be included. This Chi Ball brings the following unique blessings with the inclusion of the Samhain/Halloween energies: release of negative vibrations/energies that may be trapped within your Auric field, clears and opens channels to Spirit communication/contact, strong grounding energy, increasing intuition and clarity, festive creativity and activating inner wisdom. It also helps stabilize your energies for the coming holidays and winter months, releasing that which no longer serves you and helps you to move through them with less stress and good health.

These Exclusive Samhain/Halloween Spells and Chi Ball Attunement will align with your personal energy, bringing you your heart’s desires and manifesting exactly what you need most in your life right now. They are only available through this listing!

We’ve thoughtfully chosen this enchanting Celtic Moon Amulet for this year’s Spellcast & Chi Ball infusion! This gorgeous piece measures just under an inch (including bail) and features a pure Rainbow Moonstone circular gem set in solid .925 sterling silver. Free sterling silver Recharging chain included; please make your size choice from the drop-down menu.

The circle symbol meaning is universal, sacred and divine. It represents the infinite nature of energy and an Alchemical center point of focus. A Witches Magick Circle contains energy and forms a sacred space of protection. Circles trigger greater Spiritual awareness and enhance intuition. The gemstone “Rainbow Moonstone” brings its own unique Metaphysical properties to bless your life! It naturally brings good fortune, assists in foretelling the future, enhances intuition, promotes inspiration, brings success in love as well as business matters and offers protection on land and at sea. Moonstone is associated with the moon and was the stone of the goddess Diana. Many people who work with Tarot Cards, Runes, Crystal Balls, Medicine Cards or any other type of divining tool, gain powerful assistance with Moonstone to heighten intuition and perceptions while working with them. Moonstone fosters happiness, gracefulness, good fortune, hope, Spiritual insight, new beginnings, adjusting to changes, abundance and Ancient wisdom.

The Magick imbued into this amulet will never fade and can be utilized all year long! You will treasure having this truly Magickal piece in your Collection!

  Blessed Samhain! Happy Halloween! ~xo

Spellcast & Chi Ball Attunement Samhain Moonstone Celtic Moon Amulet

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