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Shield Banishing Oil
Shield Banishing Oil

A powerful blend of scents created specifically to Banish and Eliminate all Evil Spirits. I Spellcast this powerful Oil utilizing the Ancient teachings of my Ancestors. It is designed to help keep all negative energies, entities and influences far away from you! When worn or dabbed within your home, it creates a powerful invisible barrier of protection. Evil Spirits do not even come close to this oil. Hexes, curses or black Magick used against you is instantly broken. If you’ve been noticing an increase in bad luck or misfortunes, use this Oil to turn the tides in your favor.

This Oil has also been Metaphysically charged with a black onyx gemstone chip. Black Onyx is a natural grounding stone and is used to deflect or dissolve the negativity of others, and in that way is a good stone for protection from negative forces, demons and influences. Black Onyx brings self-protection and helps keep away or end unhealthy or bothersome emotional entanglements. Extremely helpful for people who are having trouble letting go or releasing the past or attachments and moving on after a relationship has ended, sometimes years past the event. It brings visions, and guidance through meditation and dreams. Excellent stone for initiating the process of centering and alignment of the total person with a Higher Power.

Put a little in your diffuser to fill your Sacred Space with its wonderful aroma and feel uplifted as all negative energies dissipate.

Your purchase is for one 10 mL Shield Banishing Oil in a glass bottle with convenient roll-on applicator. A bewitching scent with notes of Neroli and more. Limited availability at any given time ~ made in small batches for freshness.

Shield Banishing Oil


    S​tarry 1 Night

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