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Seelie Court Rose Pink Love Fairy Fae Amulet
Welcome dear friends…to the Ring of Faeries!
The Wyldwood Rose Faeries come to you directly from the Scottish Seelie Court!
These Fae are incredibly pleasant & graceful and when shown a bit of kindness, they reward their human companions with impressive favors. Incredibly good-natured and friendly, the Seelie Court are the Aristocrats of the Faerie Realm. They are composed of the most heroic and helpful Fairies! Ask your Faerie to assist you with anything and she will ride the winds at night seeking ways to fulfill your dreams! These Fae will never cause mischief or harm in any way! They are beautiful, white-light Spirits eager to assist you!
These tiny Fae emit a twinkling light~ like a lightning bug, but pink and sparkling. These Delicate Fae enjoy being around real flowers ~ especially roses. When you smell the scent of roses with no explanation, it is your Fae letting you know she’s near!
The Wyldwood Rose Seelie Court Fae bring assistance in all areas, but especially those of beauty, turning back the aging clock, feeling & looking younger, love, finding your soulmate, building positive relationships, and attracting friends & lovers to you. They are sociable and eager to get to know you, as well as any other Fae that may be in your Spirit family. They would get along wonderfully with All other Spirits!
Faeries are Nature’s powerful guardians and can miraculously assist you with anything you desire: granting wishes, increasing your magical abilities, wealth, better relationships, health, career, etc. Although this faerie is fun-loving, she wants to help heal those issues in your life, which are troubling you. You will marvel at the messages she imparts and your heart will be opened in wondrous ways!
Faeries will open up your ‘inner child’ and you will find new inner strength and confidence, as they guide you in treating yourself with greater love and respect. They are naturally inspirational and reassuring and will listen intently to any problems you may wish to discuss with them! Their naturally sweet essence helps you to commune more with nature. Through this Faerie, you will form a deeply personal relationship with the amazing Faerie realm!
Your purchase is for one male or female “Wyldwood Rose” Fairy housed in a sparkling pink Swarovski Crystal Amulet with sterling silver bail.  This crystal measures slightly under an inch in total length (including bail). They sparkle with dazzling brilliance that is beyond what my camera can capture! Free silver plated Recharging Chain included.
I look forward to Uniting you with your very own Wyldwood Rose Seelie Court Faerie!
Do you prefer a male, female or no gender preference?

Seelie Court Rose Pink Love Fairy Fae Amulet


    S​tarry 1 Night

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