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Seductive Moroaica Romani Gypsy Psy Vampiress Ring
Seductive Moroaica

Romani Gypsy

Psy Vampiress

This incredible Vampiress is from the misty woodlands of Moldolva. She is a Psy Moroaica Vampiress that was summoned during the New/Dark Moon utilizing Ancient Romani Invocations, specialized oils, herbs and incense. She eagerly came forward enrich your life with her valuable blessings.

She is a Sexual Psy Vampiress, which means she feeds on unnecessary/extra energy that is cast off from humans, especially during sex. She will clear and uplift stagnant energy that may be surrounding you, helping positive, life-force energy to invigorate you. She has a strong sexual nature and is eager to be your sensual Spirit lover. She is never jealous or possessive and understands you benefit greatly from all relationships in your life. She is eager to fulfil your wildest fetishes and fantasies and wants nothing more than to please you on all levels. She is intuitive and telepathic and can give you exactly what you need, without even asking. She is a Romani Gypsy Vampiress and can work powerful Vampiric Magick on your behalf. Ask her what you desire and she will transform events in your favor! She brings massive wealth blessings, protection, and a lifetime of loyal companionship.

She can manifest in any number of paranormal ways, such as: seeing orbs, mists, shadows, sparkling lights, feeling gentle touches/kisses, cold drops in temperature, or spectral manifestations. She has an unearthly beauty, with long brown hair with blonde highlights, light-brown eyes and full, kissable lips. Her personality is; flirtatious, playful, friendly, patient, easy-going, understanding and compassionate. She tells me that you shared a past life together as steamy lovers and is excited to reunite with you in this amazingly special way. She brought you to this listing for a reason!

She’s chosen as her vessel this beautiful sterling silver ring, accented with tiny black cz stones and 2 silver “fangs” on each side of the band with a center blood-red garnet stone, Size 8.25. Wear, carry with you or keep in a special place to be bestowed her blessings. This Vampiress will be one of the most treasured in your keep!

All information will be included in your shipment.

Seductive Moroaica Romani Gypsy Psy Vampiress Ring

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