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Scottish Mermaid Sea Spells Starfish Ring
Scottish Mermaid Sea
Spells of Youthfulness
& Beauty

This beautiful Ring was Spellcast during the Spring Full Moon with the Ancient teachings from my Scottish Ancestors. It was imbued with hundreds of Sea Spells learned from the Scottish Ceasgs, a wish-granting Mermaid. These Spells will bring the bearer Beauty (diminished lines/wrinkles, lush hair, etc.), Youthfulness, Increased Energy, Motivation, Happiness, Wealth & Good Luck, Allure (attract others to you) and Wish Manifestation. These Spells will place you on the path to new opportunities, so your blessings will come at just the right place & time! It uses Water energies to gently remove anything harmful that is affecting you, such as hexes, negative people & Evil Spirits. It will help keep your Aura cleansed and shining, washing away all negative debris trapped within.

Starfish or Sea Stars have an amazing ability to regenerate lost limbs. This reminds you that no matter what difficulties you have faced or are facing, you will come out of it triumphant and better than before! You will gain amazing new resources for regeneration and regrowth as you traverse life with your new assets. Trust your instincts and you will be led to a Sea of new, endless possibilities! The blessings of this Ring also include:

*Finding New Love or Enhancing the Passion in your current relationship
*Deep Healing on a cellular level
*Wealth & Good Luck
*Joy & Happiness
*Banish Negative Energy
*Peace, Tranquility & Harmony
*Gives you Dazzling Aura
* Enhances Beauty & provides a Radiant Glow
*Self Esteem, Confidence & ability to Communicate Effectively
*Draws positive people & new friends to you
*Protection against evil Spirits, hexes, etc.
*Manifest your deepest wishes

Your purchase is for 1 Spellcast sterling silver Starfish Ring in your choice of size. Make yoru choice from the drop down menu. No formal ritual required! The Spells will automatically start working for you, the moment you welcome your Magick Ring! Wear, carry with you, or keep someplace special to be bestowed its never-ending gifts!

All pertinent information will be included in your shipment. Mermaid blessings!

Scottish Mermaid Sea Spells Starfish Ring

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