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Scottish Grim Reaper Ankou Ring
Ankou Scottish Grim Reaper Ring
Out of the mists of the Scottish highlands, this Ankou has come to be your loyal companion and assistant! He was summoned during the Dark Moon using the Ancient Invocations of my Celtic Ancestors. This involves specialized herbs, oils, and evocations. You will not find anything else like these unique Entities!

The Ankou is a 'grim reaper' type of Spirit, who collects the souls of the dead, and protects graves. He brings peace to the dying. He can help you with nearly anything, and specializes in: issues with death/mourning, honoring Ancestors and those who have crossed over, connecting with Spirits, deepening your own inner Spiritual journey, protection, dark/black Magickal practices, justice/retribution, karma, breaking hexes placed upon you, career success and astral travel. He is an extremely helpful confidant if you feel like you have a fear of death or death of a loved one. He can bring comfort and support to help you move through these feelings and become more secure with the concept of death. He’s an ideal Spirit to welcome if you are seeking or enduring transformations of any kind in your life; career, relationship, living arrangements, physical, etc. There's no limit to what he can assist you with, should you have a specific need, this no-nonsense Entity will get right to task.

Their appearance is that of a wearing a black, hooded cloaked skeleton, carrying a scythe. They have a staunch and commanding presence/energy and will 'speak' to you via mental telepathy. Paranormal activity can occur with this piece, such as: seeing orbs, mists, odd lights, hearing knocking or other noises, doors opening or closing, or spectral manifestations. He will never scare you or those you live with and is perfectly safe to bring into a family environment. He enjoys visiting cemeteries, funeral homes, morgues or any place associated with death.

Your purchase is for 1 Grim Reaper Spirit housed in this bewitching stainless steel Ring, Size 9. You do not have to wear to bond. Welcome this bewitching Ring and you will be rewarded by your Grim Reaper all year long!

All information will be included in your shipment.

Scottish Grim Reaper Ankou Ring

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