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Scottish Brownie Chocolate-CZ Ring

Scottish Brùnaidh/Brownie from Mullach nan Coirean


Utilizing the Ancient Brownie Invocations from my Celtic Ancestors Book of Shadows, these wonderful Brownies have happily come forward to bless your life. The Scottish Mountain Mullach nan Coirean Brownies are very friendly and eager to assist their human companion. They are small folk who are helpful house/dwelling Spirits. They can manifest in their human form, which is about 1 foot tall, wearing brown clothes, but they don’t often like to be seen. These nocturnal Spirits come out at night to help you with your unfinished tasks. They take their chores very seriously, but you cannot tell them what to do or demand a certain task to be completed. They will find and take it upon themselves the work that needs to be done. Even if you do not notice their help, you should always thank them. They typically become strongly fond of one family member and become their confidante. In return for all of their duties, they appreciate small rewards/gifts such as a bowl of crème, a glass of chocolate milk, chocolate-chip cookies and they love chocolate brownies. Never offer your Brownie an article of clothing or you will release him/her from your care.When they finish their chores & snack, they like to celebrate with song and dance. In the early morning, just before the sun rises, you may awaken to hear a soft flute or drums playing.


If you have stress or worries, mention them as you perform some ordinary task in such a way that your Brownie can overhear you. They are able to punish those who are mean, evil or lie to you, for they despise this type of behavior. Although small, they are effective at protecting you & your home from evils & intruders. They are also excellent good luck charms and will help bring wealth and riches to those who befriend them.


Your purchase is for 1 male or female Mullach nan Coirean Brownie housed in a beautiful chocolatey-brown IP plated Ring with several dazzling cz gems. Please choose your size from the drop-down menu. Wear, carry with you or simply keep in a special place. *edible chocolate brownie shown is for demonstration purposes only and not included.


All information will be included in your shipment.

Scottish Brownie Chocolate-CZ Ring

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