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Satanic Rosary of Unholiness - Smoky Topaz
This Satanic Rosary was Spellcast in a covert Occult Black Magick Ceremony by the Satanic Rockefeller Illuminati Bloodline. Their invocations date back to 17th Century England when Satanists had to practice in deep seclusion. Passed down through generations, the intense powers of this Rosary cannot be matched! Thousands of Illuminati member have one of these Sacred Rosaries in their possession!This Rosary will bring you all that you desire! Simply move along each bead, asking for what you wish, and your requests will be taken to the Hellish Realm of the Darkest, Demonic Spirits, to bring them into fruition. It holds a sacred honor for Satan and all of the powers he provides.You could also use this rosary to send Curses, simply move along each bead focusing on what Curse you want towards your enemy. The energies within the Rosary will start to shift, making the lives of your intendeds much more stressful, unsuccessful and wrought with strife.The powers of this Rosary will envelop you in an Aura of mystique and charm, allowing you to persuade others to see things your way. Others will look up to you with respect and adoration, seeking your wisdom and counsel on a variety of matters. You will be held in high esteem among family, friends and in all business matters. Romantic partners will want to please you in all ways.  It creates a shield of powerful protection around you and your home, keeping anything trying to harm you at bay and instantly dissolving all curses others send you. Your purchase is for 1 full-sized Satanic Rosary, composed of beautiful smoky topaz beads, a base metal pentagram and inverted cross. Wear, carry with your, or keep someplace special, such as your Altar, to usher in its gifts.All information will be included in your shipment.

Satanic Rosary of Unholiness - Smoky Topaz


    S​tarry 1 Night

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