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Sands of Time Djinn *Change your Life!* Haunted Watch
The Sands of
Time Djinn
of your Past,
Present &

This Exquisite Ancient Djinn is honorably being presented to you by Maantefin, a Sahir and Master Djinn Conjurer. Maantefin has Distinction as the Chief Expert in his field and his Ancestry is a Living Legacy, having provided First-Class Genie’s to some of the most Noble Citizens in the World. His Djinn are currently protecting and enhancing the lives of World Leaders, Royalty, and Celebrities.

This remarkable Djinn will immediately connect with you and take ‘inventory’ of your life; past, present and future, and begin making positive changes in your favor! This Djinn is a time-traveler and will go back in time to correct any past mistakes or Karmic debt that may have been holding you back. Currently, any obstacles you are facing are obliterated so you can move forward and allow much more to come to you. He or she also travels forward into the future and clears the way ahead for you. This isn’t to say you will never face another difficulty, but things certainly will be better than they could have been. You will be able to see the powerful blessings that arise out of any issue.

This intelligent Djinn can help bring you anything you desire; Wealth, Love, Protection, Healing and more. He is especially adept at helping you with: Astral Travel/OBE’s, Spirit Communication, 3rd Eye Opening, Clairvoyance, ESP, Prophetic and Lucid Dreams & Visions, Dream Recall, Stronger Intuition, Stress Relief, Being in the Right Place at the Right Time (this also relates to avoiding tragic situations) Good Luck, Déjà vu feelings and Time Management. You can make him or her happy by assigning them unlimited special wishes that you would like to see manifest. These Djinn enjoy having something to do for you!

Astral Travel will bring feelings of floating out of your body, meeting other entities, and experiencing the physical world from an ethereal perspective (ie, being able to float through walls and teleport instantly around the Universe). If you so desire, you could travel back or forward in time with this Djinn as your Guide. You will gain hidden access & wisdom into what decisions are best for you.

As a Powerful Protector, your Djinn will guard you against all evil, dark Spirits, the evil eye and negative energy and reverse & remove any black Magick or hexes that have been placed upon you. He or she will help to keep your Aura cleansed and radiant.

Are you always putting off tomorrow what you can do today? Do you feel you’re missing out on many things that could make you happy? Don’t let the “sands of time” run out on you! You need this Djinn to help bring you the most fulfilling and rewarding life that you deserve!

Your purchase is for 1 Sands of Time Djinn housed in this captivating pocket watch composed of base metal and a 32” matching chain. Please make your gender preference from the drop-down box. Your Djinn will be perfectly matched to you! Wear, carry with you or keep in a special place

All information will be included in your shipment.

Sands of Time Djinn *Change your Life!* Haunted Watch

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