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Sages of Atlantis Utopian Sea Portal Wish Manifestation Amulet
Sages of Atlantis
Utopian Sea Portal
From the depths of the Waters of the Atlantic Ocean, from the Ancient Utopia of Atlantis, a Magick Utopian Sea Portal was discovered by my Ancestors and I created this beautiful piece utilizing that knowledge! Atlantis was a tranquil and enlightened Ancient society, filled with Advanced Supernatural Sages and Healers. Their powers will naturally come through this Amulet to bless your life. This will enrich all areas, including those of love, beauty, wealth, success, prophetic visions, supernatural wisdom and insight and the ability to achieve any goals. They can manifest your deepest wishes and bring anything you desire into fruition. This powerful piece can help resolve any issues you are currently facing and place you on the most beneficial, peaceful path. This is not only a portal to the Sages of Atlantis, but also to All Water Elementals such as: Mermaids, Naiads, Nereids, Water Nymphs, Nixies, Water Sprites, Oceanids, Water Fairies, Merrows, Kelpies, Sirens, Mermaids; as well as all Water creatures such as; Narwhals, Dolphins, Seahorses, Sea Unicorns, Starfish, Octopus, Whales and Orcas! Utilize this incredible pendant to create your own Utopia!

Welcome this amazing amulet and you welcome all of the incredible Gifts from the Sages of Atlantis and Water Elementals! You can either physically (or mentally) ask specific beings to come through, and/or allow the pendant’s Magick to automatically bring forth the special Spirits & Creatures that are eager to bless your Life. They will give you visions as well as signs; perhaps seeing images of them show up when you weren’t expecting them. This can be via television, computer, magazines, etc.

The Sages of Atlantis will bring you:
*A deep connection to Water, a vastness of knowing, feeling and remembering
*Peace and tranquility during turbulent times in your Life
*Astral Travel and Dreamwork
*Deeper Spiritual Awareness & Connection to the Cosmic Consciousness
*Emotional Rebirth, Forgiveness and Understanding of past traumas
*Finding out who you were in a Past Life
*Communicating Effectively
*Amazing Beauty &Radiant Glow
*Deep Healing on all Levels
*Wealth & Good Luck
*Joy & Happiness
*Banish Negative Energy
*Balance & Harmony

These Spirits bring intensive deep healing and the ability to restore your body on a cellular level, making you feel younger, healthy and more vibrant. They will bestow you with incredible beauty, turning back the aging clock, making you look younger and full of life! Their wisdom is as vast as the Cosmos and they are excited to manifest it in your life!

This gorgeous Amulet features a Mermaid swimming amongst Amethyst and Peridot gems with a larger Atlantisite Gemstone center stone; all set in sterling silver with a sterling silver Recharging Chain. The amulet measures about 2” in total length. You do not have to wear to benefit. Atlantisite is a fascinating gemstone with many Metaphysical properties to bless your life. It brings relaxation, inner peace, calmness and is a mood stabilizer. It helps you focus and slow down in hectic situations, and is an ideal stone to help with meditation. It can help you tap into the knowledge of your past lives and bring ancient wisdom. It brings love, healing, comfort, compassion, abundance and draws incredible wealth.

All information will be included in your shipment.

Sages of Atlantis Utopian Sea Portal Wish Manifestation Amulet

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