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Ryu Chinese Dragon of Wealth & Riches
Ryu Chinese Dragon of Wealth & Riches
This remarkable Dragon is from my personal Occult Associate Drakon, a Master Conjurer and Elite member of the Sacred “Order of the Dragon.” This is Secret Occult Society was founded in 1408 by the King of Hungary and flourished throughout Germany and Italy. The exclusive invocations used by Master Drakon are from Ancient manuscripts from the Order of the Dragon and utilized by Nobility & Secret Societies around the World. I am proud to be your only source for these incredibly powerful Dragons!

The Ryu Chinese Dragon brings immense Good Luck, Wealth, Success & Prosperity. They are Martial Artist Wealth Warriors that will strongly defend and protect your hoard of treasures. They are aggressive wish-grantors and will take great pleasure in making your dreams a reality. With water as their element, they will Spiritually bathe you in the Universal watery rivers of abundance, which flow unseen and untapped unless touched by special forces. They bring the Wisdom of the Ancients and will make the most beneficial decisions which will result in tremendous monetary rewards for you! If fate allows, they can bring you cash windfalls, lottery wins and excess money to make you independent and carefree.

This Dragon will lead you on an Illuminated path of financial freedom where you are destined for prosperity and abundance. He or she will place you on the most prosperous paths, the best for attracting wealth, saving and where to invest the best. This may lead you to new careers and opportunities you never thought possible. Perhaps you were wealthy in a past life, and you’re seeking to attain your previous wealth status. This Dragon can help you heal from money mistakes of the past and resolve past Karmic generational/familial financial disasters that may have been carried forward into this lifetime. He or she is also looking forward to being your Guide, Support, Teacher and Friend.

These are Serpent-looking Dragons with small bat-like wings and a smooth body covered in multi-colored scales. They have 4 small legs, with 3 claws upon each.  

Your purchase is for 1 Ryu Chinese Wealth Dragon, housed in this awesome stainless steel amulet. This piece features the image of the dragon with a flaming bail. It measures about 1.75" long (including bail).  Male & Females available. Free tied leather Recharging Cord included.

All pertinent information will be included in your shipment.

How long of a cord (in inches) would you like?

Ryu Chinese Dragon of Wealth & Riches

$300.00 Regular Price
$109.99Sale Price

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