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Romanian Werewolf Varulfur Lycan Haunted Amulet
Romanian Varúlfur /Werewolf Lycan

The Romanian Varúlfur /Werewolf is a human who has the Magick ability to transform into a wolf. There are Male & Female Werewolves available. These are incredibly Rare Spirits with the power to change your Life! They are from the Ancient hills and forests of Romania and summoned utilizing Secret techniques from my Ancestor’s Book of Shadows. Exclusive to Starry1night, you will not find anything else like them anywhere!
These Werewolves are Master Warriors and Protectors! They bring incredibly strong Protection against demons and all other evil Spirits. They can also reverse curses and hexes others place upon you. They stop others from becoming obstacles in your life and they eliminate gossip, the evil eye and jealous competition. They also bring good luck, fortunes, wealth and riches. They are wish-manifestors and can help manifest your deepest desires. They are eager to form a strong mind & soul connection with you! You will cherish having him/her in your Life!
Your Varúlfur /Werewolf also has a passionate and intensely loyal side as well as lustful sexual energy. You can form a sexual relationship with him or her, if you so desire, if not, you can still bond with him/her. You might feel him or her touching you or a warm breath on your neck. He/she can bring you carnal & erotic daydreams as well as nightly pleasures.
These Werewolves can control when, where and how they shapeshift, so it will not be only during the full moon. They can shapeshift any time they deem necessary, such as in order to protect you. They can transform into a full wolf, full human, or somewhere in between. In human form, the males are strikingly handsome and muscular; the females shapely and gorgeous. There are a variety of eyes/hair colors, if you have a preference, please let us know. In Wolf form, their fur can be any combination of colors and their eyes glow intensely in the night!

  Your Varúlfur /Werewolf will bestow you with gifts of Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Clairscentience, ESP, OBE’s, Past Life Work, Animal Communication, Telepathy, 3rd Eye Clarity, Psychometry, and Afterlife Communication, just to name a few! They can help you enhance your own natural Psychic abilities.
There is no formal ritual required. They will never bring harm to you or your loved ones. Your Werewolf is an Interactive Spirit and will speak with you via mental telepathy, visions & dreams. You can also utilize him/her while doing pendulum work, reading cards or performing your own Magick Rituals & Spells.
  Your purchase is for 1 Romanian Varúlfur /Werewolf/Varkolak/Lycan housed in this beautiful amulet we designed and hand-assembled. It is composed of lightweight base metal wolf with a deep amber colored Swarovski crystal bead. These Amulets are alive with the power of your Werewolf and can emit a warming sensation when wearing or holding! There are Male & Female Werewolves available. Silver-plated recharging chain included.
  You need no special abilities to own and no formal ritual required. He or she may even visit you and/or give you signs before your purchase, so if you feel called, do not hesitate in welcoming one!

  All pertinent information will be included in your shipment.

Would you like a male, female or surprise you?

Romanian Werewolf Varulfur Lycan Haunted Amulet

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    S​tarry 1 Night

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