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Roman Goddess Victoria for Success Confidence Victory Ring
Goddess Victoria
  This exquisite Ring brings you the Power of the Victoria, the Roman Goddess of Victory! This piece was created utilizing Ancient Roman Occult Incantations and rare oils, herbs and aromatic resin incense. Victoria is an extremely difficult Goddess to Summon as the ceremony needs to be performed at the correct Auspicious date and time. This is a very rare and spectacular piece!

In Ancient Rome, Victoria was worshiped by everyone, but especially by triumphant Generals returning from war. Multiple temples were erected in her honor and her image appears widely on Roman coins, jewelry, architecture, and other arts. If you want to have Success & Confidence in every area of your life, this is the talisman you need!

Goddess Victoria blesses you with the following:
*gives you a radiant Aura, making you bold, strong & confident

*places you in the flow of riches to reap financial rewards and money windfalls

*brings karmic justice and defeats your competition, jealous ex’s, bullies or those causing you stress or anxiety

*projects an energy and allure that is irresistible to others; both in love & business relationships, placing you on top

*arranges exterior situations or uncontrollable circumstances to work in your favor

*brings peace, harmony and tranquility, especially during times of transitions & change

*gain respect & admiration from friends, co-workers and loved ones, people will be drawn to your confidence & personality, also brings new friends, business & social contacts

*brings you true love, passion and sexual stamina in your romantic relationships

*problems & arguments seem to just work themselves out; clarity & insight is gained

*brings psychic enhancements, 3rd eye opening, clairvoyance and deep Spiritual connectedness

*stops procrastination & hesitation and brings motivation to go for it!; turns the little voice that tells you ‘you’re not good enough’ or ‘this will never work’ into ‘you ARE good enough’ and ‘yes you CAN!’

*brings knowledge & inspiration, Cosmic Universal Wisdom & Secrets revealed

*brings Divine Protection, dissolves black Magick & hexes, averts the evil eye/envious, blessings for your home & business; she is your personal safeguard

Whether you’re starting your own business, want to become a successful writer, musician, athlete, celebrity, or simply need some assistance with Life’s changes, Goddess Victoria can help you reach your Goals as well as manifest tremendous blessings! She boldly states: “Bring it on!” ~ there is nothing she cannot handle or help you through, no matter how difficult the person or circumstance may seem. No need to fear the unknown with Goddess Victoria by your side, you will intrinsically and instinctively just ‘know’ that things will always work out for the best for you!

This gorgeous ring is composed of a striking Black CZ gem, surrounded by Laurel Wreath leaves (Ancient symbols of triumph!) in sparkling white cz gems set in high quality stainless steel.  Look closely in the first photo and you can see the manifested shadowy face of Victoria!

Please choose your size from the drop-down menu.  You do not have to wear to benefit; you can also carry with you or keep in a special place. No formal ritual required. This bewitching ring will surely be one of the most treasured in your Metaphysical collection!

All information will be included in your shipment.

Roman Goddess Victoria for Success Confidence Victory Ring

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