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Rhiannon Celtic Fairy Goddess Beauty Love Relationships Ring

  Utilizing the Ancient teachings of my Celtic Ancestors, I am honored to offer this beautiful Rhiannon Ring!

Welsh Goddess of the Moon & Horses, Rhiannon's name means “Divine Queen” of the Fairies.
She brings you inspiration, strength and endurance. She turns back the aging clock and brings you pure radiant beauty and allure.  She is a muse for poets and artists. This Celtic Goddess will help you with anything to do with leadership or change as well as anything that has to do with movement or death, fertility or helping you through your dark times. She helps you to stand your ground against challenges and to honor your inner truth. She brings the ability to manifest new and better changes in your Life.
Rhiannon will help you with Magick and she brings protection. She embodies strength and truth in adversity. She can bring restful sleep as well as messages & precognition through dreams.
She is associated with the colors white, silver and gold; herbs: jasmine, evergreens and basically any white flower. She possesses 3 Magickal birds that can wake the dead, lull the living to sleep and heal the sick and wounded with their songs.

Rhiannon was delegated to marry to an older man whom she found obnoxious. Defying her family’s wishes, she declined to marry one of her "own kind". Instead, she chose the mortal Prince Pwyll (pronounced Poo-ul or translated as Paul) as her future husband. When he first saw her, she was riding down a hill; her red hair flowing in the wind and he was instantly entranced by her radiant beauty! She was dressed in gold silk brocade and rode a shining white horse. They lived a happy life and she bore him an infant son. Unfortunately, he was stolen the same night he was born. Falsely accused of the infant's murder, Rhiannon is obliged to do public penance for seven years by sitting at the horse-block outside the palace gate, offering all visitors a ride on her back. Later she was proven innocent and was reunited with her son and husband and returned to the throne.

The story of the Celtic goddess Rhiannon reminds us of the healing power of humor, tears, and forgiveness. The goddess Rhiannon is a goddess of movement and change who remains steadfast, comforting us in times of crisis and of loss. As one who was punished unjustly, she exemplifies patience and endurance as well as the comfort in knowing there is karmic retribution for those who do you wrong.

Rhiannon’s ring is composed of hypoallergenic & long lasting stainless steel with a dazzling white center gem and celtic design on both sides of the band. Please choose your size from the drop down menu. Wear, carry with you or keep in a special place. You will be amazed at the blessings Rhiannon brings you & the mysticism she awakens within you!

Rhiannon Celtic Fairy Goddess Beauty Love Relationships Ring

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