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Rainbow Serpent Awaken Kundalini Snake Ring
R a i n b o w
Dreamtime Ring
    From an Elder Aboriginal Shaman, I am proud to bring you this incredible Ring imbued with the Magickal Rainbow Serpent!

The Aborigines believe the Universe was created during a Maigkckal time, known as “Dreamtime.” The legend of the Rainbow Serpent is that of Creation; he created supernatural men and women with the ability to shapeshift into animals and other creatures.

The Aborigines believe that the Rainbow Serpent disappeared from the sight of mortals, but continues to live in secret places, moving around the territories in rock crevices, trees and water holes. He even travels into the starry night sky and rests within the Milky Way.

The Rainbow Serpent bestows riches, healing, fertility, brings justice and controls the weather. He is a benevolent protector. He can also bestow humans with profound Magickal Powers.

He can also help you with all of the following:

Healing, Wisdom, Cycles, Rebirth, Patience, Fertility, Balance, Intuition, Awareness, Rejuvenation, Transformation, Aura Cleansing, Yin-Yang Duality, and Hidden Knowledge.

He also brings the power of awakening your Kundalini energy (the coiled power at the base of your spine). On a cellular level, the formation of your DNA involves two double helix, which appears to be 2 intertwined, snake-like bodies. The Serpent is a unifying force embodying infinite messages to those who are energetically available to perceive them. Alchemists also understood this, and thus incorporated the philosophy of snakes in their practices and daily life including the image of the Ouroboros: a symbol representing cycles.

The Rainbow Serpent has surfaced into your awareness today for a special reason. If you are drawn to him, you are gifted as perceiving life through an uncommon lens and you may also be intuitive (especially at knowing others thoughts and emotions without trying). I invite anyone sparked by the interest in the Rainbow Serpent to be open to his calming energy and see what it is he has to offer you in the form of messages, growth and enlightenment. You will find your journey to be infinitely rewarding!

Your purchase is for 1 Rainbow Serpent Ring composed of hypoallergenic stainless steel. The band is covered with beautiful rainbow-colored gems and a center white cz gem. Please choose your size from the drop-down menu.  Wear, carry with you or keep in a special place.

All information will be included in your shipment.  Many bright blessings! ~xo

Rainbow Serpent Awaken Kundalini Snake Ring

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