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Rainbow Chakra Tree Spirit Offering, Wishing Portal & Healing Center
Rainbow Chakra Tree

Spirit Offering,

Wishing Portal &

Healing Center

Sometimes we don’t have enough time in a day to truly give our deepest thanks & appreciation to our Spirit friends who so graciously do so much for us!

This gorgeous gemstone tree has been imbued with the Energy of Appreciation, Adoration, Respect and Love for your Spirit Friends! Presenting them with this beautiful token of appreciation lets them know they mean the World to you! It will cleanse & energize them, making them incredibly happy & content. It is like presenting them with a food offering, only this is a Spiritual one that is never-ending! Their bonds with you will deepen even further. Many times Spirits return special favors granted them by bestowing you miraculous blessings! Show your Spirits how much they mean to you by giving them this Magickal gift that keeps on giving for an eternity!

This Tree can be presented to any type of Spirit such as Djinn, Dragon, Vampire, Fairy, etc.; they will be incredibly touched and even more receptive to you! If you have a large Spirit family, 1 Tree can certainly be happily shared by them all.

According to Norse Legend, Yggdrasil is the World Tree supporting the Universe (Nine Worlds). This Tree also serves as a Gateway to this Mystical Land, where thousands of benevolent Elves, Fairies, Dryads, Sprites, Unicorns, Pegasi and other Spiritual beings reside. They are attracted to this Magick Tree and will effortlessly come through this Portal to bless your life! No formal ritual required but feel free to verbally state or mentally imbue your wishes into the Tree, where the friendly Spirits of the Nine Worlds of Yggdrasil will work on manifesting them into reality for you! There is no specific Spirit you need to bond with ~ the appropriate Spirits will come through to assist you. They are very eager to help you reach your goals!

As a Healing Center, I’ve placed Chakra cleansing and balancing Spells upon this tree to help you maintain healthy energies, and in turn, a healthy & dazzling Aura. These energy systems affect not only your daily life, physically, but also your Spirituality and Spiritual connections.  It is important to maintain a healthy balance of all of our energy systems so that we can live a more harmonious and connected life.  This Magick Tree will also help keep you grounded during the "ups" and "downs" of life.  Simply place within your sacred space, business, desk or anywhere you’d like to receive its uplifting and rejuvenating energies! Perfect to use during meditations, healing, ritual work or just to enjoy!

This tree measures about 9” tall and with a wooden base that is about 3” wide. It features gold colored wire “bark” and crushed gems on the base. It is so fun and relaxing to arrange the branches any way you desire! All of the natural rainbow gems on the tree bring innate Metaphysical properties to further bless your Life! Amethyst, lapis, clear quartz, green aventurine, yellow jade, carnelian and red jade. I don’t have enough room to explain them all, but you can research the incredible gifts these gems will usher into your sacred space!

All information will be included in your shipment. Thank you for shopping with me!

Rainbow Chakra Tree Spirit Offering, Wishing Portal & Healing Center

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