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Powerful White Direwolf of Avalon Amulet
White Direwolf
of Avalon
Utilizing the Celtic teachings of my Ancestors, I’m honored to summon these exclusive and very rare Spiritual beings. The White Direwolves of Avalon are a most Magickal creature and close confidants of Merlin the Magician. They roam the forests and fields of the Isle of Avalon, protecting it against malevolent Spirits & Creatures.

They have a sharp intelligence, deep connection with instincts and are strongly connected to the Full Moon & Lunar Energies. They can help connect you to your Spiritual Self, enhance your natural Psychic Abilities, bring Strength, Courage, Self-confidence, Psychic Shielding, Grounding, Business Success & new clients to you, Job/Career Success, Money Windfalls and Good Luck. They are immensely strong Protectors and will block Evil Spirits, Hexes, Black Magick or any malevolent force.

They help you learn how to build the bridge between the Spiritual and Physical Worlds to help you better connect with Spirits, develop & strengthen your intuition, unblock your 3rd eye and notice Magickal signs & synchronicities. They teach lessons of health & healing; how to use the forces of Nature/natural remedies and how to listen to your body to maintain a balance between mind, body and spirit. They are the teachers of Spirit Connections & Communication. They are the keepers of Earth and Nature; helping you communicate with your surroundings, the Earth and those around you both in physical and Spiritual forms. They bring balance and help keep you focused and continually progressing to the next Spiritual levels. They help guide & support you as you travel on new unfamiliar paths & journeys.

The White Direwolves of Avalon are similar to European Werewolves; they are wolves that shapeshift into humans and vice versa. The full moon makes them active, but they don’t have to transform during this time. They can shapeshift any time they desire. The males are extraordinarily handsome and the females are hauntingly gorgeous. Although they are just fine as a solitary companion, they enjoy being part of a ‘pack’ and would really love being in a home with other Werewolves or Spirit friends.

They can manifest in spectral form, as a glowing white wolf shape, or a ‘real’-looking wolf, as well as paranormally as orbs, mists, hearing scratching, paw-steps, or a distant barking or howling. They will never intentionally scare you or those you live with.

They are gentle souls, yet resilient and capable of withstanding numerous challenges and setbacks, only to emerge stronger than before.

Your purchase is for 1 White Direwolf of Avalon Amulet composed of stainless steel and a sparkling white cz gem. This is a large amulet, measuring 2.75" in total length (including bail). Free recharging chain in your choice of size included (18”, 20” or 24” ); please let me know upon checkout. There are also males and females available; please let me know which gender you prefer upon checkout. Wear, carry with you or keep in a special place. You do not have to wear to bond.

All information will be included in your shipment.

What gender preference do you prefer; male, female or no preference?

Powerful White Direwolf of Avalon Amulet

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