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Planet Nibiru Akkadian Anunnaki ET Alien Gods Portal Ring
Planet Nibiru

Akkadian Anunnaki

Extra Terrestrial

Alien Gods Portal
Ring 1,000x’s Power

This incredible Ring is offered to you today from my associate, Lord Sinclair. It was imbued during several cloak-and-dagger Illuminati, Masonic and Freemason Rituals, during auspicious planetary positional times.

Ancient Sumerian Kings were given Magick Invocations by the Gods, which they inscribed into stone tablets. The tablets were destroyed while Sumeric Akkadian Dynasties rose and fell, but the oral traditions continued and were transcribed within Ancient Abrahamic Texts. These texts were unearthed by the Sinclair Sect of the Knights Templar and are the only known authentic Anunnaki Invocations in the world! These Invocations summon the Anunnaki from the planet Nibiru. Ancient civilizations thought them to be Angels or Watchers, however, they have come to be known as Supernatural Extra Terrestrial Alien Gods.

These remarkable celestial beings will eagerly bring their human companion guidance, knowledge and profound blessings. These Magickal, immortal beings would transform the mortal’s life in countless ways; bringing them more riches than they ever dreamed, creating opportunity when there was none, being triumphant despite insurmountable odds, surrounding them in protection from all evils and aligning their personal Spiritual vibrations with that of the highest good in the Universe. Out of the abyss, they can gather energy and create matter. They are Master of Science and Physics and understand how energy works within the Universe.

For business owners, they will attract the right clients to you, bestowing success, riches and happiness. You will gain not only Magickal wisdom, but quantum Scientific insights into how to manifest the life you’ve always wanted. Natural inventors, creators and teachers, they will assist you with fresh, new approaches to achieve success in all areas. You will reach higher states of consciousness that will awaken your Kundalini and Spiritual centers. As you are guided by the Anunnaki Gods, you will gain clarity and insight into any issues you are facing. Problems will seem to work themselves out and the goals you are hoping for will be obtained.

The Anunnaki Gods know of humankinds faulty DNA, which makes them unable to obtain the same knowledge as the Gods, so they are on a mission to redeem and restore humankind’s pristine character. This process typically takes humans several lifetimes to achieve, but through welcoming this ring, you will be propelled into the world of the Illuminated Ones. Your DNA will be expertly altered and you will gain psychic knowing, wisdom, healing, better health, strength and agility you never thought possible. This ring is not for everyone. Only those who feel called should welcome this ring. Your Spiritual energies are already operating at advanced levels and this will set the precise energies in motion for your next level of elevation. It is very possible you are an Anunnaki descendant on Earth.

This ring features the image of the Anunnaki Extra Terrestrial Alien God, composed of stainless steel. Please choose your ring size from the drop-down menu. No formal ritual required. You do not have to wear the Ring to receive its amazing blessings.

All information will be included in your shipment.

Planet Nibiru Akkadian Anunnaki ET Alien Gods Portal Ring

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