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Papa Legba VooDoo Skull Bracelet
This Wooden Skull Bracelet holds the Power of the Wise VooDoo Loa/Lwa, “Papa Legba.”  This powerful piece is from one of my Magickal Associates, P. Jean, a Haitian Vodou Huongan Asogwe (HighPriest) who resides in Louisiana.
  Papa Legba sits at the Crossroads between the visible (Earthly) and invisible (Spiritual) Worlds.  All ceremonies begin and end with Papa Legba, and there can be no communication with any of the other Loas without consulting him first. He is the first to open the Cosmic gates to the Spirit World and has the power to remove any obstacle!  He brings New Opportunities for you and will assist you in accomplishing any goals you set for yourself.  As you awaken to his Powers, you will find that many areas of your life change, and you don’t think or act in the same way as you use to.  You will start to eat healthier foods and feel drawn to some friends more than others.  You will start to make substantial changes in your life that feel right to you.  Papa Legba is opening your Energy consciousness as you become more aware of where you are in life and what direction you should be headed.  He will keep you on the right path.  You may be asked or guided to share your gifts and talents with others/ help others. Papa Legba will lovingly guide you as your journey shifts to a more fulfilling one!  He brings good luck& wealth.  He will protect you & your home from harm, evil spirits and all malevolent forces.  He is a Powerful Guardian and Spiritual Guide. 
  Papa Legba is the Loa to petition when you have special problems ~ when things are getting in the way of your progress in life. He is the master linguist (he speaks all languages), jokester, warrior, and the personal messenger of destiny. He manifests as an old dark-skinned man, wearing shabby clothes and a wide brimmed hat.  He has a crooked cane, a Magick staff, that he uses not only to lean upon, but to illustrate his stories in the sky or sand.  He is a magnificent storyteller and everything he tells you holds significance.  Do not dismiss anything he tells you!  It is customary to offer special things to him as payment for his help.  His favorite offerings are: rum, tobacco, cigars, palm oil, corn and candy.  The dog is sacred to him. His favorite color is red and black, and his number is three. You may utilize any of his favorite things/colors/number as offerings to him.  You can also present him with 3 shiny pennies and/or 3 small stones. Offerings can be placed near the vessel or on your Altar.
He would be the ideal Loa to welcome if you’re unfamiliar with VooDoo or just beginning on that path.  You do not need to practice VooDoo to benefit from Papa Legba; he will help all no matter what your religious beliefs.  This Bracelet features wooden skull beads and it stretches to fit most wrists.

Papa Legba VooDoo Skull Bracelet

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