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Orkney Island Selkie Shape-shifting Seal Human Amulet
The Orkney Islands lie off the northern tip of Scotland, where the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean meet.  For thousands of years, people have lived and worked there.  From the Stone Age Orcadians, who left a legacy of monuments that continue to inspire today, through to the Vikings, who took the islands in the ninth century.  The Islands are covered with monuments which stand as constant reminders of the events and people that have gone before.  The Islands exude an intense Magickal Energy due to the mystical, dreamlike landscape, standing stone monuments, ancient ruins, burial mounds and spectacular scenery.  It is a beautiful area inhabited by fascinating Magickal beings called “Selkies.” Selkie is the Orcadian dialect word for "seal".
  Utilizing the Sacred Ancient Summoning Spells of my Celtic Ancestors, these Selkies have happily come forward to bless your life!  Selkies have come to be regarded as gentle creatures, with the ability to transform from seals into beautiful and handsome humans.  By Nature, they can be very sensual and sexual, and often times fall in love with their human companions.  They can bless your life as a Spiritual Lover, if you so choose.  They can Shape-shift between human and seal and also teach you this fascinating ability.  Utilizing their innate Magickal Abilities, they can help you with any areas of psychic ability you'd like to develop; clairvoyance, astral travel, 3rd eye awakening, and so much more.  They are vigilant protectors and can dissolve all black magick and hexes others may send to you.
  They bring the Magick of the Sea and Water Elements and their energy is very rejuvenating and uplifting!  They provide boosts in creativity, confidence and assistance for those involved in the Arts, such as writing, acting and singing. They are also bringers of good luck and wealth.  They are highly skilled in Animal Magick and can assist you with communicating with, healing and protecting animals.  Selkies are very playful by nature ~ they bring joy and happiness as negative energy dissolves in their presence.  These wish-grantors can assist you in any and all areas!  
    In their human form, Selkies are described as possessing an unearthly beauty. Silently they emerge from the sea to shed their skins and frolic with their mortal companions!  In human form, they have webs between their fingers and toes and sometimes wide palms that hint of their watery origin.  You also might notice a cooling sensation or temperature drop within your room.
    Your purchase is for 1 Selkie amulet composed of a beautiful free-form Pearl pendant wrapped in a silver plated setting. Each one is different and beautiful, the way Mother Nature created them!  Males and females available. You can wear, carry with you or keep/hang in a special place in your home. Silver plated Recharging Chain included. 
  All pertinent information will be included in your shipment.

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Orkney Island Selkie Shape-shifting Seal Human Amulet


    S​tarry 1 Night

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