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Orgasmic Tantric Ritual Love, Lust Sex Samhain Spellcast 2022
My associate, High Priestess Nyx, who is an expert in Erotic Mysticism and Black Magick Spells, will be performing a specialized Orgasmic Tantric Ritual for Love, Lust and Sex on Samhain Night this year 2022! These Spells will focus on areas of passion and romance, through channeling the power of Sensual Orgasmic Magick! If you are seeking to find a new love, spark the flames of passion in your current relationship, rekindle a romance or more, then allow her to shift the energies in your favor! She will focus on all of your erogenous zones and Spiritually weave together all aspects regarding love into a complete Magickal tapestry!
Her areas of focus will be:
*connecting two lovers
*reuniting with past lovers
*uniting forbidden lovers
*removing distractions/obstacles so you can be with your lover
*having erotic, mind-blowing orgasms
*breaking up lovers/divorce so you can be with your lover
*strengthen romantic connections
*enveloping you in an Aura of beauty, seduction and raw sexual magnetism
*have others lust over you/think of you 24/7
*commitment (marriage if you so choose)
Nyx will need your name and date of birth for this Ritual, and the name and date of birth of your lover (if you know it), if applicable. If you don’t have someone in your life right now, no problem, she will work on uniting you with your perfect match! People meet by chance all the time – or do they?!?! Nothing wrong with using a little Magick to help move things along in the right direction!  The appropriate Spells will manifest in your favor.
If there is anything special you would like Nyx to focus on, or add to her ritual (in the area of love), just let me know!
Since this is a service being provided for you, nothing will be shipped.
Thank you for your consideration and Nyx is looking forward to this amazing Event!

Name & DOB: (if applicable, Name & DOB of lover):

Orgasmic Tantric Ritual Love, Lust Sex Samhain Spellcast 2022


    S​tarry 1 Night

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