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One Wish from my Personal Djinn Genie
This auction is for 1 Wish you get to make to my personal Djinn.
This is an Ancient Male Marid Djinn who has been in my family for generations and I have an extremely close bond with. You can ask him anything, except anything negative or evil in nature - I will not ask him to harm anyone, break up relationships, etc.
**note: please do not wish to 'win the lottery' or for exorbitant amounts of money; I can ask for wishes of financial blessings, but this can come in many different forms and you must be open to any possibility!

*And also please do not ask to become invisible, time travel, have supernatural powers or anything along these lines.   

Simply tell me your wish and I will relay it to my Djinn.
I perform an indepth ceremony with candles, incense, herbs and crystals.  There is nothing special you need to do.
This Djinn is the friendliest Djinn I've ever met and very eager to help humans.
Because each person and situation is different, I can not guarantee your wish will come true in a certain time frame, but the energy will be in motion and positive changes will be made.
This is a wonderful service if you don't own a Djinn, don't have the time to bond with a Djinn, or simply want to try my Djinn!

   This service is not eligible for any special sales, discounts or offers.

One Wish from my Personal Djinn Genie


    S​tarry 1 Night

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