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Noble Crown Prince of Dreams Djinn Ring
Noble Prince of
Dreams Personal
Djinn of
Unlimited Wishes
From my associate, Maantefin, I’m proud to present the Noble Crown Prince of Dreams Djinn that will align with your personal energy signature/Aura! These are intense & assertive “take charge” Djinn eager to manifest your deepest desires! These Djinn are unique in that they were able to lovingly procreate with the Pharaoh’s, Kings & Queens of Ancient Egypt; therefore, they have a unique DNA & Royal bloodline dating back to this time. They have the power to understand humans on very deep & personal levels, because they are part human. This is an Ultra-Rare & Unique type of Djinn that can only be summoned by my source, Maantefin! He undergoes intense Ceremonies and chants Sacred Ancient Text to humbly bring forth these One-of-a-Kind!

This is an Incredibly Benevolent Djinn who will love and support you in helping you reach all of your goals! He will share in his wisdom, and graciously guide you along your Spiritual path. He is a powerful catalyst for change and growth for anything you wish to see manifest in your Life! Abundance will flow to you and all of your financial burdens will be lifted with real security for your future. This very friendly Crown Prince Djinn embodies creativity, compassion, sensitivity, and prefers to be in your company. He will treasure having a new companion in you. He can bestow you incredible gifts; such as enhancing your psychic abilities and opening your 3rd eye. Because he is able to foresee the future and the cause and effect of events, he will bestow you with Miraculous Blessings at just the Right Time! What is it you desire? Anything you dream can be yours! Money, success, health, power, or more ~ welcoming this Djinn is a true investment in your Future!

Your purchase is for 1 Noble Crown Prince of Dreams  Djinn housed in this elegant crown ring with a gorgeous Tanzanite gemstone, accented with tiny white cz gems set in a solid .925 sterling silver band. Sizes vary & limited; please make your choice from the drop down menu. 
Perfect for a man or woman, you do not have to wear the Ring to bond with your Djinn, you can carry with you or keep in a special place.

All pertinent information will accompany your Noble Crown Prince of Dreams Djinn.  Thank you for your consideration!  Blessed be! ~xo

Noble Crown Prince of Dreams Djinn Ring

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