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Nereid Aegean Sea Water Nymph Amulet
Aegean Sea
Nereid Water
Nymph Amulet

Utilizing the teachings of my Celtic Ancestors, I am honored to bring you this beautiful Greek Nereid (pronounced: “neer-ee-id” ) from the Aegean Sea. Nereids are Sea Nymphs, daughters of the sea God Nereus. They are cousins to Mermaids. They are benevolent, helpful Spirits who bring their Keeper many blessings, including the following:

**Healing/Pain relief

**Assistance with healing others (Reiki, Massage, or other Alternative modalities)

**Healthy lifestyle; losing weight & ending addictions

**Uncovering hidden treasures

**Infinite Wealth Blessings

**Lucid, precognitive & peaceful Dreams

**Creative boosts & motivation

**New Opportunities

**Finding or Keeping True Love

**Strength & Courage

**Increase sexual libido & lust

**Universal Wisdom/retaining Knowledge

**Protection from Evil, break hexes

Nereids are also sexual beings and if you so desire, she can be your Spirit lover, if not, you can still bond with her, as you can see, she will help you in many different areas of your Life’s journey. They are incredibly friendly and sociable Spirits.

They manifest as beautiful women, often with long flowing hair (any color you desire) and large, expressive eyes. They typically manifest with human legs, but can also shapeshift to have a tail like a Mermaid. Like watching the glistening sun on the waves, they have a mesmerizing & seductive charm that people find irresistible! They can transfer this energy to you, so others will be drawn to you as well!

Your Nereid is housed in this charming .925 sterling silver Sand dollar amulet. It measures slightly over 1/2" wide.  S ilver plated Recharging Chain in your choice of size included.

The legend of the Sand dollar tells of five white doves locked inside that, when cracking the surface of the Sand dollar shell directly in the center, are released to fly away and spread peace throughout the world.

Christian Lore:
*The five slits on the edge represent the five wounds on the body of Jesus.
*The Easter Lily design in the center of the top with a five pointed star in the center represents the Star of Bethlehem.
*When the shell is broken open, five small but perfect replicas will be found of the Dove of Peace.
The lesson: While outwardly we show the marks of death, fear and frustration, inwardly we all contain the true symbols of peace.

The associations with Water/Nereids are:

Water is the essence of love and fertility, the element of the nature of emotions.

Astrological Signs: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

Represented by: Water, lavender fragrance, Fish, coral and sponges.

Season: Summer

Color: Blue

Chakra: Throat/Thyroid

All information will be included in your shipment.

Nereid Aegean Sea Water Nymph Amulet

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