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Mocan Serbian Vampir Powerful Balkan Vampire Ring
The Moćan Vampir is a Rare and Powerful Immortal Entity! They were summoned during a Dark Moon Ritual utilizing the Ancient Pagan Invocations and teachings from within my Ancestral Grimoire. During this Ritual, I utilize special herbs, oils, gemstones and incense to invoke these amazing beings! The Moćan Vampir are Elder Vampires from the Balkan region, near the Zarozje Village in Serbia. It is here during the 18th Century that an old miller named Sava Savanovic drank the blood of his clients, turning them into Vampir and creating a vast network of Moćan Vampir throughout that region. The Moćan Vampir are direct descendants of Sava; Ancient. . .Wise. . . and Powerful! Exclusive to Starry1Night, the Moćan Vampir are legendary and you won’t find them anywhere else!

The Moćan Vampire is an amazing entity, and has the ability to infuse his or her energy into their keeper. As you become Soul-bonded in this way, you gain remarkable Vamipric abilities, such as superhuman speed, agility, strength and youthfulness. You may notice greater hearing and eyesight. They also have a great deal of control over the Elements and can harness the power of natural forces. Their favorite being creating a heavy fog so as to travel unnoticed and work their Magick in secrecy.

They are able to use hypnosis on others to get them to see things your way. As Master Necromancers, they can utilize the dead in their workings. They can bring anything you desire into fruition. With their amazing precognition abilities, they are able to foresee the future and adjust your path accordingly, helping you to make the most beneficial choices. Use your Vampir to assist you in strengthening any Psychic abilities you wish!

As powerful wealth bringers, they can amass great fortunes for their companions, leading you to a life of riches and happiness. Through their magnetic powers of captivation, they can draw others to you in order to unite you with any type of relationship you desire. They enshroud your Aura in a radiant brilliance that draws admiration, enticing love and the wild lust of others. They bring incredible protection against anything malevolent that is trying to harm or block you – instantly dissolving all curses others may send you. They have a darker nature and can bring justice and retribution against your enemies.

Through their amazing powers of regeneration, they can bring deep healing at a cellular level, altering your DNA for the better. They can bring your useful Ancestral DNA to the forefront, allowing you to enjoy and benefit from the same things your Ancestors did. This makes your cells happy and strong, helping to stave off disease. You will have the ability to transmit your healing powers to others that need supernatural healing. They hold vast Cosmic knowledge and can help connect you with your past lives. Besides all of these amazing gifts your Vampir brings you, he or she is eager to form a lifelong bond with you and assist in creating your perfect life! You will be amazed at what transpires once you welcome a Vampir!

The Moćan Vampir can manifest through: seeing orbs, mists, shadows, sparkling lights, feeling gentle touches/kisses, cold drops in temperature, or spectral manifestations. They retain incredible beauty and a youthful appearance. They are nocturnal, being most active from dusk until just before the sun rises.

Your purchase is for 1 Moćan Vampir ring, featuring a large blood-red cz gem accented with dazzling white cz gems, set in 925 sterling silver. Choose your size from the drop-down menu.  Look closely at every photo and you will see facial manifestations within the ring!  You do not have to wear to bond. Carry with you or keep in a special place. You will treasure having this Vampir in your life!

All information will be included in your shipment.

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Mocan Serbian Vampir Powerful Balkan Vampire Ring

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