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Merlin's Enchanted Oak Druid Fairy Amulet
Enchanted Oak
Druid Fairy

  Although Merlin's company was very much enjoyed within the courts of Camelot, there was a mysterious, otherworldly side to Merlin, in which he could never conform to staying within the castle walls. Merlin lived deep in the heart of the forest of enchanting Fairyland, where few endeavored into for fear of the unknown. Merlin himself was as much a mystery as was Fairyland and living there suited him well. He befriended the wee Fairy folk of the Forest and they all quickly grew to love & respect him. They also taught him their Magick and placed special Fairy Blessings upon him.

Utilizing my personal Old World Celtic Witchcraft Ancestral Spells as well as the Private Codes of Merlin, the Enchanted Oak Fairies of Fairyland have come forward to bless the lives of kindhearted mortals. They are very friendly and social Elementals who love it when you talk to them and ask them for help with any issue. Merlin’s Fairies are very powerful manifestors and they can attract what you want into your life. Their pure heart will teach you better manifestation skills and how to use the moon cycles to harness Energy. They are also happy to help heal broken hearts and to show you love in everything and every situation.

Merlin’s Enchanted Oak Fairies live in big collective families/groups, and they like to socialize, party and have fun together. It will make them incredibly happy if you happen to have other Fae in your home, or any other type of Ethereal Spirit.

These Fairies are Nature’s guardians and protectors and will also help you with gardening; guiding you to the right plants or flowers to buy and where to place them in your garden or home. They will assist with plant and flower arranging as well as making your home more beautiful & inviting. Have fun spending time with your Fairy and seeing where your journey takes you!

These Fairies can manifest as twinkling lights and in their tiny human form, with big eyes (usually blue), pointy ears, squeaky voices and gossamer wings. Inviting an Enchanted Oak Fairy into your life is great fun as they will always be leaving you surprise gifts and positive signs; helping you to meet the right people and lead you to new opportunities in your life!

Your purchase is for 1 Enchanted Oak Fairy housed in this beautiful pewter vessel amulet with a black cotton recharging cord for wearing.

All pertinent information will be included in your shipment, including;
A beautiful Parchment Page for your Book of Shadows
A Spellcast Charging Pouch
A Spellcast Candle
Spellcast Incense

Merlin's Enchanted Oak Druid Fairy Amulet

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