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Mayan Supernatural Healing Gemstone Bracelet
Mayan Mother Earth Bracelet
Healing & Restoration
This beautiful gemstone bracelet was Spellcast and Empowered with the Spirit of the Mayan God of Healing: “Ah Uincir Dz'acab” using Ancient Mayan traditions. Mayan traditional healing is holistic healing, with full awareness that the body, mind, emotions, spirit and environment are all interconnected. They believe that our lives are firmly rooted in respecting, protecting and depending on Mother Earth as the provider and sustainer of life, and the natural source of remedies for ill-health.
All of us on the Planet are interconnected. When there is an environmental crisis, this bracelet will work to bring the right people together to help fix these issues. If you are a Lightworker or want to make an impact on a Global scale, this is the item for you! This bracelet automatically attunes to higher forces to assist Earth & her inhabitants. It brings deep levels of Balance, Harmony, Peace and Renewal, back to our precious Mother Earth! It also does the same for you as it gently allows you to release old stale negative energy as well as any pain or struggle you may currently be facing. This healing can occur on any level, from the most mundane or physical, to the highest aspect of your Spiritual self.
Anything you feel is in need of healing, be it a physical complaint, wanting to lose some weight, issues regarding prosperity, or feeling a spiritual disconnection from the Universe ~ all can be healed with the assistance of the power within this bracelet. Perhaps you have a negative boss or co-workers; this bracelet works at dissolving other’s negative energy so it does not affect you. It helps keep you motivated, happy and focused on your success.
Wearing this bracelet gently raises your vibration and therefore all negativity aimed towards you (especially from bad people who surround you and zap your positive energy, also known as ‘energy vampires’ ) or negativity stuck in your Aura will be dissolved and released from your Energy field because it can no longer maintain its form at this higher level! Allow the light and joy of this Magickal bracelet to permeate throughout every cell of your body and every aspect of your soul. Be open to the blessings and healing that the Higher Power(s) and Mother Nature herself wish to give to you!
This bracelet not only heals you on a personal level, but the Planet on a Global level. There are people all over the World using these Magick Bracelets; forming an invisible Energy Grid. The more people own them and use them, the more interconnected we will become and powerful they will be.
Your purchase is for 1 Mayan Healing Bracelet in either Malachite or Lapis; on an elastic band that stretches to fit most wrists. Please make your choice from the drop-down menu.
Malachite's gift is assisting one be comfortable in changing situations and is also very powerful in drawing wealth and aiding with the interpretation and transfer of information that leads to Spiritual Evolution. An Excellent stone for releasing negative experiences, especially those that relate to past health and wealth issues; forgiveness, debts, etc. Releases old negative thought patterns and actions, so one can usher in positive, new approaches to building solid health and real financial security.
Sacred to the Goddess Isis, this stone was prized by the Ancient Egyptians and holds the energy of a star-studded sky, limitless in its wisdom. Lapis provides mental clarity and objectivity; it assists in awaking the third eye and for tapping into your intuition and strengthen psychic abilities. Lapis is also connected with Jupiter and thus expand intellect, wisdom and leadership qualities as well as helping in legal matters. The stone works as a shield from psychic attack. It is used to relieve insomnia and let go of anxieties. Lapis is the gemstone of total awareness and stimulates the consciousness toward the awakening. Lapis Lazuli is a powerful stone for those seeking spiritual development. It brings mental clarity & emotional healing. The deep blue stone brings about harmony in relationships and can help overcome depression, and open the door to self-acceptance, which leads to serenity.
All information will be included in your shipment.

Mayan Supernatural Healing Gemstone Bracelet

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