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Master Spiritwalker Shaman Teacher Guide Relic Amulet
Shaman Teacher

I’m honored to offer this profound Metaphysical Relic, from my Illuminati associate, Lord Sinclair. You will not find anything else like them anywhere. This amulet holds a Master Teacher, Guide & Shaman, known as the Spiritwalker. This Ancient piece is one of the secrets of the enlightened and elite; the wealthiest, famous and most powerful on Earth. The Spiritwalker is a mediator between the spirit world and physical human realm. He has the Supernatural ability to walk with you both in this realm as well as other dimensions. He can make subtle changes in higher realms, which in turn will produce miraculous results in the physical realm. He transcends time and space. He walks with all Spiritual beings to attain arcane guidance and wisdom. He has the ability to control other Spirits. He will work closely with your personal Spirit Guides and oversee your physical and Spiritual well-being.

He can manifest guidance, messages and teachings in dreams and visions, and can bring extraordinary healing, wisdom and enlightenment, as well as sacred dream work (lucid or prophetic dreams, clarity, astral travel and premonitions). He can help you discover your past lives and access Akashic information. You will begin to remember places you’ve never been, recognize people you’ve never seen before and know how to handle situations you've never faced.

He will open and align the Spiritual energy centers within your physical & astral bodies, so you’re more open to receiving Spiritual guidance and messages. As the energy clearly flows through you, you will become a clear channel and the level of information you will receive will not only be accurate, but of the highest quality. Your intuitive nature will blossom and you will deeply feel the love and support the Spiritwalker has to offer you.

The eyes of the Spiritwalker are Ancient and shine with the light of a thousand souls. His body is a vessel, a conduit from the realm of the dead to the world of the living. With your Spiritwalker actively guiding your life, he can send you warnings through dreams, insights and gut feelings.

A Spiritwalker cannot be summoned. They come forward to those who are Spiritually ready to take the next step on their journey. You cannot get them anywhere else. He does not ascribe to any “labels”, he simply “IS”. Your connection to him is meant to be a lifelong commitment as he will be completely devoted to you.

Due to the power of this Relic, I ask only those familiar with Magick & Spirits welcome it, a Spiritwalker is not for the novice. If this listing speaks to your Soul, the Spiritwalker has come forward to connect with you.

Your purchase is for 1 Spiritwalker housed in this Ancient Relic, which features the faint image of the Spiritwalker holding a staff.  Due to the antique age of these pieces, there is much wear and patina to them.  This amulet measures about 1.15” tall by .5” wide.  Sterling silver Recharging Chain included. 
I only have a few of these available, each remarkably unique with profound energy. If you welcome only 1 Metaphysical item in your lifetime, this should be it! All information will be included in your shipment.

Master Spiritwalker Shaman Teacher Guide Relic Amulet

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